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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Chris and co! I was wondering if you guys had considered what you will be doing once you have released xenonauts? Do you think you will stick with the series (assuming success)? or are you more interested in diversifying and exploring other genres etc? I know I would love to see you take the xcom genre forward, having replicated it well I think there is so much more that can be done in this genre. I've always wondered what it would be like to play Xcom on the offensive instead, taking it to the aliens so to speak.
  2. This idea found its origin in the way I used to play the original UFO: Enemy unknown. Playing that game the UFO force became a bit too overwhelming to cover all the crash and landing sites with ground recovery teams so I changed tactics. I built tracking on coastlines so I'd get early warning on UFO's coming in. At that point I only intercepted the UFO's that had value to over land while I shot down the others over the ocean. I was thriled when UFO: Enemy from the deep came out as it now turned out that all those UFO's that I had been shooting down over the oceans had an effect. (or at least in my fantasy it had.) Which brings me to my idea. Keep a small file that stores upto 20 or so UFO ocean crash locations, or a small file that keeps track of where over the oceans most UFO's are being shot down. Should there ever be an expansion that would include facilities and equipment to go after UFO's on the ocean floor the hotspots for UFO ocean crashes could be the locations of alien ocean floor bases. Trivial idea for the current gameplay but it should not be alot of effort to keep track of this in order to add some immersion to a future expansion. This would work best if the ocean facility expansion would come as an add-on to the original game instead of as a new stand alone version.
  3. Yup i saw the new guy thread and i made another one ;p (Yes bad form i know but its the internets...) So just thought i'd say hello to the community as i've heard quite a bit about this new fangled Xeno...whatever its called and just like to say Hi to everyone. I like the OG Xcom, and i do actually enjoy the NG from Fraxis, although i'll be the first to admit it feels a little bit...i dunno lacking in certain areas. I for one beleive its because of DLC's since this is apparently the new business model in the industry. And i don't like it. I want to buy a complete game and not get nickled and dimed to death for extra content that should have been included in the base price...Im looking at you Elite Soldier Pack/Slingshot...and whatever other goodies Fraxis intends to sell me...which i'll probably purchase anyway as i have a good job and such, but its the principle of the matter, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth...anways... To the "Warning" Don't try to sell me extra content like a few maps and painting my armor a different color if you were going to put that crap in this game do it now when i buy the darn game. I want my to feel like im buying a complete game, not some hodge podge of heres the game...oh wait we forgot to give you some maps...oh wait you like customization well here now buy this...oh wait you wanted to go to mars...well buy this now...ect ect add nausiem. If you don't try to nickle and dime me and if your game is good...(your alpha build is downloading as we speak)...I will have no trouble buying "REAL EXPANSION PACKS!!!" like it was in the good old days before this DLC crap started to take shape. Some people say i have an abrassive personality...if i cared, i'd say they might be right ;P Anyways from what ive read and seen this game holds promise...its time to blind me with bull$hit and then dazzle me with your brilliance...if you can...(BTW your graphics look a little gehtto from the screen shots your gameplay best be brilliant) PS I paid the 30 dollars for the "Premium Version" so you have to listen to me rant now ROFL...or not, but you do so at your own risk. Belgerath
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