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Found 3 results

  1. While juggling items around in one of my soldier's inventories, to check the TU values of moving/swapping items, I discovered that while dragging an item, I could still select a different unit by scrolling my mousewheel. I also noticed that the item I was "dragging" lit up on the grid of the new unit's inventory as if it was a valid place to put it, and that made me wonder if I could swap items between units directly. Short answer... no. Long answer, my game froze solid. I couldn't select anything, I couldn't pause, I couldn't even Alt Tab out of the game and had to ctrl+alt+del to close Xenonauts. Task Manager also confirmed that Xenonauts had stopped working. To test if it wasn't a fluke and actually was a bug, I fired up the game again and reproduced my findings. This time, when dropping an item into the second unit's inventory from the first, it duplicated the item, leaving an original in the first soldier's inventory and creating a new one in the second. I decided to do further testing of this duplication process by attempting to duplicate some extra C4 charges on the ground of the second unit instead of their backpack. It appeared that each new C4 charge I created was created at the expense of one of the second unit's own gear as their medpack, spare ammo and even weapon vanished. Once they were out of items to "transmute", the game once again froze up and I was forced to ctrl+alt+del out of it. So, lesson learned. Be careful not to scroll your mousewheel when shifting items around in your Xenonaut's inventory. Pressing a number key, however, did NOT select a different unit while dragging items around. Seems to only be possible with the mouse wheel.
  2. - Following a successful mission, the little alien head icon will remain on the Geoscape. A save and reload clears it. - An interception is successful. Little alien head appears. Upon zooming into the location, a second alien head appears. It's as if one is at one zoom level and one is available at the highest zoom. Upon selecting intercept, boit alien icons have mission options. - UFO crashed at sea, but is available for a mission (had a few of these now in 19.5) Save Game :- http://www.sendspace.com/file/kxevvc
  3. Hi, I found another bug, wich duplicates weapons but not amos. Bug Select a soldier with a manufactured weapon in your base (precision laser for instance) right click the weapon to unequip it. The total number of this weapon is incremented. right click again on the weapon to equip it the total number of this weapon is NOT decremented ergo : everytime you procede, you duplicate the weapon.
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