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Found 2 results

  1. Managed to place a workshop on the right hand side of the second row from the top, taking it outside the new grid layout and into the old one.
  2. Hi all. It's been a little while since I posted an update, and that is mainly because I've been working on one very big job - creating all the tiles for the Xenonauts base, to be used during base defence missions. Chris has already posted up a few preview shots of the base using some mock-ups I made, but now that everything is running in the game I wanted to give you a look at more of the base. Here's a few (HUD-cropped) screenshots to get started: Radar, storeroom and workshop Command centre, medical wards and laboratory Hangars and living quarters And the following is a stitched together image I made manually showing the entire base, in the default layout as it exists right now. You can also see how our alien breaching system works, with multiple alien pods breaching the base at different points. These will be hidden from the player to increase the tension. Do note though that the graphics for the alien pod breaches are place-holders which will be replaced soon enough. Screenshot of complete base (About 3 MB in size). In addition to the base I have been steadily working on props to fill out the other tilesets, and here are a few of those: (Click for game size)
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