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Found 1 result

  1. How can I prevent alien pacts with founding members? I mean, in geoscape I can see that funding is slowly decreasing each time I mouse over the continent. But it is not clear to me which are the factors that increase or decrease the possibility of an alien pact. In the last 2 game playthroughs, I went on for a couple of months without problems, then I lost a continent on the beginning of the third month. The strange thing is that in both cases I was building a base on those continents; but the bases were still not operational. I was building hangars for the chinhook and the interceptors; while there was living room space, no soldiers were yet in the base. Also no operational radars, but 2 were being built. If I'm building a base on a continent, shouldn't be that continent more eager to increase its funding? Instead they left the alliance. I think that either 1)there there is something that is not working quite right, 2) or something that I have not fully understood. Moreover, how can I find alien bases? I've patrolled a lot on these continents (using dropships and/or interceptors), but I could not find alien bases. Am I doing something wrong?
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