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  1. This mod separates each soldier role into four different tiers, according to their tech level. They are:

    rookie: ballistic weapons
    junior: laser weapons and jackal armor
    senior: plasma weapons and wolf/buzzard armor
    expert: MAG weapons and sentinel/predator armor

    For example, you have rookie rifleman with ballistic rifles and plain armor, junior rifleman with laser rifles and jackal armor, etc. Rocketeers are not ranked.

    link: https://github.com/Lucas-L-S-Haine/xenonauts-ranked-loadouts

    So, what do you guys think? I'm open to suggestions.

  2. Hello, guys. I'm new to the forum, but I've been playing the game for a little while.

    My question is if it's ok to host my mods on GitHub, seeing as the game is proprietary and such. Also, what license should I put on it, if any?

    I know there's a "proper" way of sharing mods, through Steam Workshop, and I intend to look into that. Though, for the time being, this makes my workflow a lot easier.

    To be honest, I already have one repository with a mod that I just "finished" (meaning it is playable). But it's kept private for the time being.

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