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  1. Description: getting a Time Units penalty (e.g. from picking up a body from the ground) makes the game resets the calculation of used time units of that soldier, allowing for further actions that would not be possible otherwise, like taking a shot or throwing a grenade. What happened: I moved a soldier to a body, picked it up and noticed that I could throw a grenade or take a shot using very few Time Units. Further information: It does not matter how many time units the soldier have used before receiving the penalty, the new time units is what is used as parameter to calculate the cost of an action. I attached a save file of the autosave of the start of the turn; a manual save after picking up a body; and the only log file I could find. user_day_44_vip_extraction_manual_save-4.json resolve_layers.log auto_groundcombat_turn_5_start-140.json
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