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  1. Are there any details about Air combat yet. I've heard that they will expand the feature but haven't heard or seen anything definitive yet. For instance, will it be behave like the minigame in XN1 still or will it expanded to be a turn based combat between the player's squadron versus the alien in a map similar to ground combat? Also, are there any thoughts on implementing recruitable pilots feature for air combat? If player's could recruit, level up, and give perks to pilots, it could potentially create some interesting strategic options. For example, if a player had several planes that where unavailable due to repairs or rearming, a player could add a pilot to the plane to reduce repair/rearm time via skill perk. Or a pilot could provide stat bonus the planes like reduced fuel consumption or a leadership buff. I was really impressed with the air combat feature in XN1 and I'm looking forward to what Goldhawk will do for XN2 so any info would be appreciated.
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