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  1. If Wraiths are in the room and they shoot that means you did it completely wrong at the previous turn(s). If there are six of them it is a game over. How you should begin: If there is one door in the starting room you are lucky. If there are two it is a bit worse. You must of course make sure your soldiers have weapons adequate to the phase you are at. You must not wait too long when the base first appears on the map. Placement phase: Try to block one door with the tank so that its front faces the door. Place your assault soldiers with shotguns (you MUST have some) close (not too close) to the second door. Place others soldiers in the corners of the starting room so that they look at the second door as well (especially a sniper). End of turn. Your first actual turn: DO NOTHING. Or: If you have some poisonous or stunning or fire grenades, you can open the second door and throw one or two to block the entrance. End of first turn. Aliens first turn: Your soldiers kill with reaction fire anybody who tries to enter the room at the second door. The tank should keep anybody to enter through the first door. Your second turn: Let some soldier LOOK AROUND to make sure there are not any Wraiths hiding after aliens first turn. Wraiths cannot teleport and shoot both at one turn. They teleport somewhere where your soldiers are not looking at the moment. After that they stay and pray that you don't turn around during your next turn :-) If there are some Wraiths in the room try to kill them with heavy weapon soldiers. If they are tough let the others shoot at the Wraiths as well but try not to use assaults and soldiers with good reaction. They can help with the aliens next turn. Don't forget about your tank! It can do 1-2 shots with good result as well. Making some smoke in the room at the end of the turn is also not a bad idea. Again if you have some poisonous or stunning or fire grenades, you can open the second door and throw one or two to block the entrance. End of the second turn. The aliens second turn: Some more Wraiths may teleport Ceasans may open the first door and shoot at your tank. If they destroy it its wreckage will block the first entrance. Make sure that it doesn't happen with the single door of the room. Move your tank a little back if necessary. It may be more attractive for enemies than your soldiers if it stays at the front. Ceasans and ugly animals may try to enter the room through the second door. Your reaction fire should stop some of them. Try to continue in such a way. DON'T RUSH for 5 turns minimum. Make sure the most impatient enemies have come to die. Don't forget to look around.
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