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  1. Reading Chris recent reply to Bobby Gontarski made me realize that my assumption that Xenonauts 2 would actually attempt to be a more serious, adult and sophisticated game of the X-Com genre that holds itself to higher standards than what Firaxis delivered was actually based on literally nothing that was ever said by anyone on the Goldhawk staff, but exclusively by my own expectations formed from playing Xenonauts 1. Instead i read a lot of "we are going to add something like that, which already is in the X-Com 2 made by Firaxis" and not much "This is what will be awesome, special and unique about Xenonauts 2" (and don't get me wrong, using good ideas from other games is an intelligent choice, but i'm not really interested in a Firaxiscom 2 clone made on a smaller budget, so here i am looking more for the differences than the similarities). So my question is: What is it that you actually set out to create? What are your design philosophy goals? Do you have a specific target audience in mind, and if so, what is it? What in particular will be the outstanding sales point(s) of Xenonauts 2 that should convince us all to give you money, and what will differentiate Xenonauts 2 from the competition - most noteably Firaxis X-Com 1 and 2?
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