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  1. I am worried about the direction the update states it is going. -10-15 soldiers by endgame would mean that you will be fighting with much smaller teams (I really doubt 12 man squads will be available), especially when double dipping in key functions and having the cover ops system stapled on top -the focus on anti-infiltrator operations would indicate a significantly reduced focus on battlefield weapons (as in rocket-launchers, mortars and vehicles) fielding and using heavy weapons in a battlefield setting was part of the fun for me, that sets it apart from the Xcom franchise reboot...it was limited in X1 (as it didn't even have a mortar)..but a important part. -the limit of flying only by night makes no real sense to me (aliens and humans alike are unlikely to rely on visual identification of an aircraft anyway, especially in a post or on cold war era setting) what is the idea behind this? -comfort and relaxation base related statistics as well as having a job-unless-fighting kind of system reminds me of games like rimworld, where I have to worry about mental breakdowns because the room ain't pretty enough, or baby them so they get their naptimes...while that works great for that particular game, I'm not really looking forward to this in a more combat focused turn based strategy. -while I have no real problems with a trooper having to be trained to use their particular weapon system, having weapons tied to skills from other disciplines seems self defeating. -boss level enemies results in me seeing the concept of a hard hitting bullet soak.
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