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  1. There's a version of the Tropical and Swamp tileset on nexusmods/steam workshop without the ambient sounds. You should also disable the forest ambience mod included with X:CE since it also has some in it.
  2. This has now been fixed and will be included in the next update for the Xenonauts Fix Pack along with some fixes to roofs with the same error in other tilesets as well.
  3. The late January release has been delayed because of the Scimitar's ability to drive through buildings being tied to the Xenonauts Fix Pack 1.4 update I'm working on, which aims to fix the many mapping/tile errors related to buildings. I haven't been able to playtest much because fixing the building errors is taking quite some time, so I'm wondering if there's interest in me releasing a beta version exclusive to the forums and have you guys help me with playtesting? Aside from the Scimitar thing it's feature complete but there's a bunch of things I haven't had the chance to test properly like the balance of the new UFOs, weapons, aliens, alien crews, the redesigned alien bases and so on. EDIT: Well, I guess delaying the release until I get the Xenonauts Fix Pack ready won't hurt from the look of things. I'll refrain from giving an ETA again, but I've gone through half the tilesets when it comes to fixing the buildings.
  4. When the game comes out a project like the community map pack for X1 could be repeated.
  5. If I understand correctly those spots act like ground tiles letting harridans "stand" there and use their weapons? I might try fixing the UFO tile/mapping bugs in the future but I'm currently busy fixing the many building bugs which is taking quite some time.
  6. Thanks for reporting this. I'll try to find the roof tile responsible for this.
  7. Got a fix for this and the similar buildings on desert and tundra maps in the next Xenonauts Fix Pack update.
  8. This bug is caused by some "ground tiles" (all tiles that are designed to be walked upon) not correctly using the damage overlays that ground tiles are supposed to use. Ground tiles are hardcoded to always block LOS and z-level movement in all tile states (default, damaged and destroyed) because they're not meant to be destroyed normally like other tiles, and instead have damage overlays applied to them. You can properly destroy ground tiles by collapsing buildings, but there's some bugs with the whole building destruction system that can cause buildings to not collapse. I'm working on fixing the building destruction system for the next Xenonauts Fix Pack update, along with this particular issue with some ground tiles having faulty settings for their damage overlays. The "invisible" reaper zombies might be related to a bug with the collapse system and ground tiles. Sometimes collapsed ground tiles create a weird tile state that causes units entering it to become "invisible" (only visually, they're still treated as normal). I couldn't figure out what causes it and it happens randomly. It's probably a bug in the code itself, so there's nothing I can do to fix it for the Fix Pack. In my experience that particular bug should mostly affect flying units though and they become visible again after touching a ground tile.
  9. Yeah I'll probably disable the gas rebalance for now then and re-add it later, oh and forget about those wraith leader sprites I mentioned before, that was way too much work (hundreds image files that would take way too many hours to edit, which I'd rather spend playtesting and fixing bugs). What's left is mostly just finding any bugs that I might've not noticed before. Hopefully I might be able to release the first version near the end of January.
  10. Sorry for the lack of news but I'm getting close to releasing the first version of XXP (mostly playtesting, fixing bugs and creating the sprites for Wraith Leaders at the moment). Just wanted to get some input on whether I should wait for X:CE to get updated with the multiplePerTurn fix for gas effects, which allows for making stun gas damage every time you touch a gas tile, instead of only taking damage once and being immune for the rest of the turn. I could disable that feature for now and re-add it when X:CE gets updated with the fix, or I could direct people to download the WIP .exe Solver uploaded which fixes that bug, but at the same time introduces a music bug. What do you guys think?
  11. Some things that would be neat to have. This post will be updated as I stumble upon other ideas. gas_gc.xml - ability to set as overdamage and disabling of the vertical spread (see picture below for why). gameconfig.xml - ability to set multiple ticker values for the alien base spawned for retakeable continents (i.e similar to the already existing small, medium and large alien base tickers, so you can have different ones depending on the main alien ticker). Ability of setting a ticker value to one of the alienbase.extra entries for retakeable xenonaut bases. aiprops.xml - ability to set custom zombify/spawnreaper animation and sound on a race basis. EDIT: Whoops. Posted in the wrong general discussion, someone please move this to X:CE general discussion.
  12. Tweaking the delay="" setting for weapons lets you tweak the single fire/melee weapon animations, but it won't work with burst fire weapons because the animation stops playing when the first bullet is fired. The ending part of the animation where Xenonauts stop aiming the weapon can't be shown either for the same reason. Making it so that the animation does not stop playing after the delay="" should fix it but I have no idea how complex the animation code is. Might be more trouble than it's worth and there are more important issues as well.
  13. This AI stuff sure is mysterious. I've also noticed that attack animation bug and the injury animation bug as well but I've never played Xenonauts without X:CE so it might be a vanilla bug too. The attack animation bug seems to be tied to the delay="" setting. The explosion animation is also tied to the impact radius which can be annoying if you want a high radius but not a giant explosion animation.
  14. Does the custom Andron work fine with Drones? Edit: That behaviour is similar to the passiveness I refer to. They just move around.
  15. The Androns in X-Div that had passiveness issues with drones, were they the standard Androns or your new custom ones?