As this mod seems to have died and appears to be unavailable, I've decided to re-release it. I've converted the mod so it can be used in the Mod manager. This does not incorporate any of Ogaburan's changes so this version is as it was for V.22 (pre-1.0).  I haven't added any flags for XCE. I probably won't do any more work on this mod, I'm just making it available again. Download link is at the bottom of the post. Enjoy Original text below: The purpose of this mod is to expand on the backgrounds of Xenonaut grunts, add more names, and to add some more nations. Parts of this mod have been incorporated into the official game: *denotes nation that comes with the vanilla game. The nations included in the mod are: NATO: United States* United Kingdom* Canada* West Germany* Greece* Spain* Italy* Portugal Norway* Netherlands* Denmark* France* Belgium Turkey Iceland Western Allies: Australia* Malaysia New Zealand* Japan* South Korea Warsaw Pact: Soviet Union* East Germany* Hungary* Bulgaria Czechoslovakia* Romania Poland Communist Bloc: Vietnam China Cuba North Korea Non-Aligned or Neutral Nations: Rhodesia South Africa Israel Egypt Sweden* Finland* Ireland Brazil Nigeria Kenya Morocco Philippines Indonesia Mexico Thailand Chile Argentina Austria Switzerland Yugoslavia I've also expanded most nation's available regiments and/or made them more "elite". This represents the nations giving the Xenonauts their best of the best. The combat experiences are all historical wars from the 60's and 70's that a soldier's nation was involved in but you will get the occasional non-historical result due to there being no relationship between a soldier's age and previous combat experience when they are generated. e.g you might get a 21 year old veteran of Vietnam. Here's the full list of nations with units and possible experiences: Special Thanks: ResFu for helping out with the Polish names and units. jamoecw for U.S. unit experience. llunak for correcting Czech names and adding Slovak names. steelgonads for correcting Portugese names Xtended