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  2. Thanks. Yeah, this will be fixed in the next major update - the railcar is just set up incorrectly.
  3. Thanks. Yeah, that's a known issue. It'll be fixed in V6, it was just too big a task to fit into the hotfix.
  4. So, the shot preview was fixed (which is nice). After this I noticed a change in behaviour: In earlier versions before 5 a mouse click while seeing the shot preview would just cause the xenonaut to move to the firing position. Actually shooting always required a second click. Now it executes the whole thing (the xenonaut will first move, then shoot without further interaction). I do not know wether this change was intended (I did not find it mentioned in change log), but for me it makes sense if it works this way, after all you get displayed the whole TU cost of move+shoot before the click. However, it produces a new small issue: If the movement is interrupted (by seeing new enemy or enemy reaction fire), it will still execute the shot. This means that the Xenonaut will just shoot from the position where the interruption happened instead of the intended position, which most of the time will mean that he will hit some obstacle that he/she was supposed to move around first. So, if this new way it is working is kept, an interruption needs to cancel all queued up actions instead of just the movement.
  5. Yes, I should have been far more obvious about that. I imagine that a fair bit of pre realtime stuff this is still buiried in the code (e.g. the Chief Scienctist amd Ops Manager being able to level up) so I'm guessing it's easier to bring code that still there back to the surface, re-purposed for another use rather than make new things from scratch.
  6. wulf 21

    [V5 - Ground Combat] loading stuck at 99%

    Got a savegame where the same happens. It is a destroyer advanced Crashsite in Arid region with sebillians - probably there exists a map for this combination that is not correctly set up. not_playable_mission.zip
  7. I think he is referring to the fact that in early X2 development, the Geoscape was supposed to be turn-based, too. But they scratched that and moved back to the real-time Geoscape. There was some old blog-post about this in the features forum that is now hidden.
  8. How long has version 5 been our now? This does not bode well from a project management point of view. I have worked at Hewlett Packard for over a decade and my application portfolio is dependent on several upstream sources as well, but I would never tolerate allowing a deliverable be delayed this long by a dependent application, I would have senior management on the phone by now. Worst case, write Xsolla off as a mistake and request your users use a reliable vehicle to gain access instead.
  9. I was trying to start next ground combat mission of downed UFO with the soldiers and equipment as stored in this savegame, but loading this ground mission does not go beyond 99%. beta 5 mission 17 downed ground combat does not load.json
  10. In this ground combat, there is a civilian walking through the railcar. Proceeding this mission there are also psyons walking through the railcars. beta_5_mission_14_downed_civilian_walks_through_railcar.json beta_5_mission_14_downed_alien_walking_through_railcar.json
  11. All the walls of texts, and nothing really changed in the end. Geoscape is still real-time by any sane, workable definition. Either way, planes work very differently for humans, so even if you made air combat turn-based, it would STILL require a separate set of mechanics anyway. Same holds true for geoscape. The time, scale and requirements of all 3 are completely different.
  12. Thread moved to general discussion.
  13. Still not updating here, any news from Xsolla about when the problem will be fixed?
  14. Last week
  15. That sounds a lot like a discussion I want to have in a thread that was about something else entirely. But maybe we want to continue this train of thought in the off-topic section? If so, just tag me there and we can philosophise about the nature of time, be it amateurishly (at least from my side).
  16. Hey shall we hijack this spiralling thread? It sounds like someone needs to bring up Zeno and his paradoxes! Is time/space continuous or discrete? Well Zeno postulated that either way, you run into logical contradictions. Thus, one must refute assumptions about the very nature of time and space, and reject the notion of plurality. Essentially, this means that motion of distinct bodies doesn't exist in any metaphysical sense and that the structure of reality is just one single firmament in which we all spin around (as opposed to "things" being entities that can exist in isolation). I must confess, it is a while since I wrote an essay on the subject, but I think that about nails it.
  17. So we tried to fix this earlier today and we could reproduce it from that crash you provided, but it doesn't seem to happen if we try to engineer the situation ourselves in a new game. Either the root cause of the issue has already been fixed by some of our other changes (and the crash is just baked into your save game because it's from an older version), or we're going to need more information on this problem. Please keep an eye out for this crash and if you see it happen in V5.1 or anything afterwards please let us know. In the meantime we're going to assume it's been fixed!
  18. Today we've pushed out an update for Closed Beta Build V5 on GOG and Steam, fixing many of the annoying issues in the build. Unfortunately, this isn't available on Xsolla yet - please read the explanation at the bottom of the thread if that affects you. Ground Combat Changes: Fixed terror mission victory conditions (and abort functionality) being broken in loaded games. Fixed a crash when a unit with a Combat Shield was selected by the player. Fixed a crash when shooting that was caused by miss shots trying to clip through the floor. Fixed a crash when moving the fire cursor off the playable parts of the map. Fixed stunned aliens not playing their death animation if they had previously taken normal damage. The icons on the top-right button row of the new UI have been updated so they are a little clearer. The soldier portraits at the top of the screen now fade out when a soldier is killed, and their TU bar is reduced to 0. The soldier portraits at the top of the screen no longer occasionally set the active soldier to a random unrelated soldier when you move the mouse over them. Clicking either the primary or secondary weapon image will now activate force-fire mode for that weapon as it did in our previous UI. The camera will now focus on the action a bit more effectively during the alien turn. The camera focus behaviour on selecting a soldier now mirrors what we had in X1; the biggest change here is that clicking a soldier in-world to select them or single-pressing a selection hotkey will not focus the camera on them. This makes it easier to move multiple soldiers at once, or shoot at the same target with multiple soldiers. Rotating a soldier as their last action now correctly updates their vision cone during the enemy turn. Move shot preview mode (Shift + Ctrl if a move path has been placed) is now functional again. The flag image is no longer bright pink if a soldier is not selected in the GC UI. The windows on the sawmills on the Boreal maps can now be seen and shot through. Fixed a bug where the raise / lower camera buttons would instead raise or lower the camera two levels. Fixed an issue where the fire mode TU cost preview would sometimes show the wrong values. Fixed an issue where suppressed units wouldn't crouch if they lacked the TU to do so, and the player would be told "Insufficient TU Available To Crouch" if this affected an alien. Carrying enough grenades to start a second row of action buttons on the right side of the new combat UI no longer partially forces the right-hand weapon panel off the bottom of the screen. Strategy Changes: Geoscape Log entries are now in the correct order after loading a save game. Fixed an issue where units would sometimes be promoted after battle but it wouldn't feed through to the strategy layer. Fixed a bug where moving soldiers in the dropship could break the scroll order on the Soldier Equip screen. Fixed a bug where the soldier icon in the dropship arrangement screen could get out of sync with the positioning of the corresponding soldier portrait / equipment element. Please let us know if you encounter any further bugs. We were expecting there to be a lot of bugs in the ground combat as a result of the new UI and the save / load, and we weren't disappointed! We're still working on fixing some but please let us know if you encounter further issues, as we may consider putting out a second hotfix if there are any critical issues in this build. Xsolla Problems: Unfortunately we've not yet been able to push out the V5 / V5.1 update to Xsolla because we're having a technical problem with their uploader which means their server isn't correctly recognising which files have been deleted and which have not. Even if the game we upload to Xsolla works perfectly, users get delivered a bunch of outdated files and the game crashes when they try to play it. Their technical team are working on this and I'm chasing them up about it every couple of days, but unfortunately we can't release V5.1 on Xsolla until that is fixed - sorry about that
  19. Still not playing X2, but I have a suggestion concerning the combat UI stemming from my experience with the base game: It can be hard in X1 to get all the information you should have. That is especially the case for environmental effects areas like thick smoke or fire areas. In them it is pretty much impossible to see several aspects that are important, e.g.: Agents like soldiers, Aliens, Humans Items on the ground (where did I leave my weapon?) Which tiles exactly are affected For that reason I propose a lens system akin to what Civilization VI has, where you can get convenient overlays for different information. That can be borders around affected tiles (fading out the actual effect), highlighting agents or marking tiles with items on them (possibly even with category information). If you are not going to implement that, it would at least be cool if you created the possibility for modders to do that.
  20. I am not fond of a further discussion with you, but this post is so shallow and wrong I have to post something. Even if it derails this conversation even further. First of all, there is a fundamental difference between Diablo being turn-based and real-time games, even if these turns are very quick. That might not show in gameplay, but it certainly has the potential to. Just figure the difference between the following courses of action: 0ms - Warrior attacks Goblin, dealing 13 damage and staggering it for two rounds; 25ms - Goblin is staggered; 50ms - Warrior recovers from attack; 75ms - Goblin is staggered; 100ms - Warrior moves one tile to the right; 125ms Goblin attacks Warrior, misses; 150ms Warrior still in movement ... and in comparison: 0ms - Warrior starts attack on Goblin; 27ms Goblin starts movement one tile to the right; 83ms Warrior hits Goblin's hitbox, dealing 13 damage and staggering it for 56ms; 113ms Warrior has finished attack; 125ms Warrior starts movement one tile to the right; 139ms Goblin no longer staggered, movement stopped; 142ms Goblin starts attack at Warrior; ... To me these systems seem like they have the potential to lead to very different gameplay. Agree? Second, even though a single computation unit performs computations in serial, that does not mean that the overall computation follows a deterministic path. You can experience that yourself if you experiment a bit with parallel computation and/or schedulers. It is not for no reason that there is a whole field of Computer Science concerned with securing that programmes follow their defined behaviour - or not, depending on what you need. Third, it is Planck time (named after the Physicist Planck), and while it is the shortest time measurable that does NOT mean that Planck times are like turns in a turn based game. Rather they can of course overlap, so reality likely is NOT turn based but real time. Though physics to my knowledge has not yet found an answer to the question if time "shorter" than Planck time has discrete intervals or is continuous. At least I agree with your last paragraph. For all intents and purposes, the Geoscape is in real time. The only aspect that matters for gameplay though is, I would argue, that you do not have to perform any action on the Geoscape that relies on your reaction time, to which also contributes the fact that you can pause at any time (but, and this is the distinction to the air game, the ability to pause is not sufficient in all cases to take reaction time out of the equation). And this is what seperates the X1 air game from all the other parts of the game and can make it frustrating, especially for elderly or disabled players, and why it may be good to change the air game. That does not mean it has to be turn based, but it may be desirable to at least take reaction time out of the equation to create a more coherent experience. And it seems, that is exactly what Goldhawk are trying to do with X2, so it is not beyond imagination that they also identified that as a problem, no matter how much you and I like the X1 (X-Division) air game.
  21. Max_Caine

    New Combat UI Discussion & Feedback

    Yes, a weapon image would be a big improvement. Also knowing what direction a solider is in when I mouseover the portrait would be dead handy so I know where they are in relation to the solider I've currently selected.
  22. I believe that the Stress stat, which was explicitly intended for the fatigue mechanic when X2 was still going to be turn-based is still around. Why not link that to carrying stuff? Everyone can be Olympic weightlifters if they want, but there'd be a penalty for it in increased stress from carrying all that junk around.
  23. Something like extra protective plates that a soldier can carry? You can go that route...or you can have encumbrance affect AP's. That way a stronger soldier does get a benefit. Something like AP = Max AP - MaxAP*(carried weight/optimal weight*10) If a soldier has a standard max carry/optimal weight of 100 (before becoming encumbered), but is carrying 150, then his AP are reduced by150/100 = 1,25*10 = 12,5% Conversely if he carried 50, then his AP penalty would be 50/100 = 0,5*10 = 5% Or both??
  24. So it doesn't really have turns then? You do realize that by that definition, everything is turn based, since the computer calculates things in intervals. Might be 10miliseconds or however small, but it does. Time itself can be cut down into minimal intervals (Plank time, the smallest measurable time unit in which something can happen), so you can say Reality is turn-based by that logic. Turn-based games have distinct phases that are recognized by the system and part of gameplay. And while there are some hybrid systems, what is and is not turn-based is not rocket science. The Geoscape is NOT turn-based by any definition.
  25. See if you can reproduce this after the hotfix comes out. I've tried to reproduce it and I can't get anything weird to happen (I can only get one type of gas to spawn per tile) - maybe it's something we've accidentally fixed while dealing with something else?
  26. I can't reproduce that wall type blocking shots after destruction. However I've updated those sawmill windows to be something you can see and shoot through.
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