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  3. Post combat inventory shows energy blade recovered but not in stores or available for research. user-9.json
  4. Double post I know, but...more opinions based on experience of Skyhawk The walls are both a boon and a bane I've used the Skyhawk as a bunker several times now. It's been pretty necessary in raids during the inital melee before I can expand outwards. At the same time, there's no room to manoevure inside the Skyhawk. I've said it several times now but it bears repeating - the way I choose the positioning of troops during setup seems to have an effect on the inital first few turns, because I can't make up easily for bad placement inside the Skyhawk. 10 soldiers seems enough.. then a little too much.. then enough again When starting the game, soldiers are horribly vulnerable. The first few games against Psyons had me loosing 3-4 soldiers per game. All a Psyon had to do is get a lucky hit in and that was it for the soldier, so 10 soldiers seemed enough to make up for losses. I got combat armour and started facing Sebillians, whose weapons are less effective against soldiers in combat armour than Psyons ad 10 soliders seemed to be a bit excessive. Then I faced Androns while I still had ballistic weapons and holy crap 10 soldiers weren't enough for 1 Andron, let alone the 12 in the raid. Bear in mind I've only got as far as probes and scouts - I've yet to face an observer or destroyer so I can't comment yet on wether 10 is enough/not enough for the larger class of ships.
  5. First fighter I have seen in this game. I launch a fighter jet and it literally goes the opposite way to the alien fighter.
  6. I am currently building a laser LMG, with some nanothread armour queued up. If I try to increase the nanothread count, the LMG count goes up to match the nanothread armour. If I then click on the lower priority arrow to drop the LMG to the queue and start making the nanothread armour the LMG quantity goes back to 1. I can then move it back to 1st place and it stays at 1 unless I increase the quantity of amour again, where the process repeats. Image and save attached user-5.json
  7. My understanding is you can only have one dropship, so this bug stops you going to missions a long way away. I had an alien raid in South America and launched my dropship (based in North Africa) immediately, but on the way there (about 3/4 of the way) the mission disappeared.
  8. My main Atlas base is no longer the first thing to come up when I click on the main base tag (pic attached). It's only a minor issue, but is just oddly irritating lol
  9. I just noticed that none of the missions have any civillians. Is that a bug or is it deliberate?
  10. I know that the games are in there somewhere, but they don't appear when you bring up the saved game menu, only if you want to delete them, and then you get a lot lot off game saves that the auto-save produces.
  11. I completely agree. But given that the Xenonauts are supposed to be drafted from the elite military units of the participating nations, they should already be very well trained in both the skills and the mental state required - even if they're still rookies in terms of facing non-terrestrial beings.
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  13. Anyone who has thrown grenades will have a better appreciation of the skill needed, and the mental state required to use these weapons. When you throw a grenade, and watch from safety, you will see that they make one hell of a loud noise that there is only a very bright flash, and not a movie style gasoline explosion!! As they are a fragmentation grenade, and not Molotov cocktail.
  14. Fiarly simple to reproduce. 1) Before a mission, equip two secondary items - I equipped a medpack and a smg. Place the medpack in the secondary slot and the smg in the backpack 2) During a mission, swap the medpack for the smg (in my case) around so the smg is in the secondary slot. You will find you cannot use the smg, but if you swap back, you can use the medpack.
  15. I've had general concerns about this as it's definitely happened to me before as well. Things like the soldier using the HEVY Launcher shooting something immediately in front of them, going almost 45 degrees either left or right, or even shooting half as far or twice as far as the target. While I certainly understand the fairly low chance to hit that sometimes comes up, these are supposed to be soldiers pulled from the elite of the elite of the world's military, come to fight against an alien menace. And even though the HEVY launcher is a newly researched item, it's not really that different from many grenade launchers used throughout the world's military. So while there only may be a small chance of hitting the target, it would make much more sense to me if a miss resulted in going a few squares left, right, over, or under. The lower the hit possibility, the more likely to be further away from the aiming point. So some sort of grid or circular template with possible hit chances around the target would make a lot more sense than the current behaviour. Similarly for throwing a grenade. These aren't civilians who have been conscripted into the fight, and throwing a grenade directly into the tree right in front of them seems extraordinarily unlikely for any highly trained solder. They may not hit the exact square they're aiming for, but they're not going to miss 45 degrees to the right and half the distance they were aiming. Even people who aren't great at throwing objects like balls usually can manage to get it in the general direction they're aiming. Anyway, that's just my thinking on this, but it would probably entail a significant redesign of the way things work. I totally agree though that the shooting at your feet that happens quite a bit in the game seems pretty ridiculous given who our soldiers are supposed to be.
  16. Not sure if this was intended to be addressed in the 7.4 beta, but it still seems to be present.
  17. This happen twice in the first mission I tried with the new update. Each time, the HEVY launcher guy contorted herself and fired a shot at her feet. The second time, she killed herself. Frustratingly, I don't think I have a save as I'm also trying out the Iron Man mode to see how that works - unless it saves anyway?
  18. I had a little look at Birth of the Federation. It seems interesting. I like the idea of a turnbased/realtime meld. From what the top post says, Chris is looking for something that doesn't involve much micromanagement in the interception mini-game. It has got to be smooth. The idea being that you push all the management towards creating your aircrafts' loadouts in the base management screen. Essentially, the choice of loadouts are the key to this phase of the game, not your orchestration of the dogfight. In Xenonauts, tactics happen on the ground. Ultimately, when a wave of UFOs launches you want excitement (stuff is gonna happen), but you don't want tedium (fighting a long series of repetitive aerial battles). In my mind, it should be almost cinematic. Design-wise (IMO) there are aspects of a game which can be a grind (and some are rewardingly so), but shooting down UFOs isn't one of them. As we've experienced in X1, the minigame is fundamentally limited due to a lack of variables. As a minigame, it always will be limited (unless it gets enriched to the levels Charon suggests above). In its current place, the airgame phase shouldn't require a lot of clicks to get through. For what its worth, my vote would be to expand the airgame to something on par with ground combat. But as that isn't going to happen, I reckon it is most constructive to think about how to renovate the X1 system to make it as smooth as possible. Working from the assumption that you've got to issue your pilots some orders, I think the most unnecessary ones are actually to do with movement. If you can simplify the process of clicking where you want the plane to fly, the whole dogfight becomes much more streamlined. Keep the 2D field of combat, but strip out the aspect of clicking on the radar screen to direct the fighters. Reduce the player input to some basic orders like which enemy to engage, what formation to fly, and how much damage to take before breaking off. That way, the majority of success is leveraged with the decision of the loadouts, and the phase of the game where the action happens is still exciting, but ultimately not determined by the players reactions.
  19. The fourth Hotfix for the Beta Build V7 update we put out on the Experimental Branch last week is now live. The V7 builds remain on the Experimental Branch so you'll need to switch to those branches if you want to get an update over Build V6 (which remains on the normal branches). With V8 due in less than two weeks we expect this to be the final hotfix for the V7 builds, although we will do another one if any game-breakingly bad issues remain in V7 after this patch. Changelog: Soldiers should no longer randomly disappear. This was caused by an error in part of the save / load process (which also occurs when the game transitions between strategy and ground combat). Soldiers with customised loadouts no longer revert to their default role loadout after a mission where another soldier is killed in battle. Training objectives on all soldiers no longer get reset when a new soldier is hired. Launch Interceptors screen now orders the bases in the list based on proximity to the target. Aircraft equipment slots now update immediately when a new weapon is assigned to them. Fixed an error where no weapon sounds would play on missions that were not UFO Crash Sites. Fixed an error that occured when firing a soldier who was not in a dropship. The naming of autosaves is now a little more consistent. Fog of war has been made darker so it is easier to see. Most of the work in this patch has been focused on fixing up the disappearing soldiers bug. We've definitely fixed one of the causes of this bug but it is possible that there are more lurking, so please report any further issues you encounter. The next major build is due on 1st October so even if we don't release another hotfix there will be another update coming soon.
  20. a) have the game acknowledge you couldn't get there in time (it's simple to calculate) and not give a penalty b) actually allow more soldiers/dropships/bases, as it should be
  21. I do have more opinions, but I'd prefer to hold them back until the disappearing soldiers bug is completely worked out as that is a massive crimp on playing the game beyond the first few missions.
  22. One thing you can do for the dropship design to make it more capable of fitting into a smaller footprint - which I agree is a good idea - is to have the wings rotate similar to the Osprey's wings when landed on a carrier. Just make it so the wings rotate prior to landing while the engine pods are in helicopter mode. The real Osprey can't do it, but it'd be a nice modification for the game.
  23. Last week
  24. I think it would be nice if the drop ship was 3 titles wide,as this would allow better movement of troops in the craft.
  25. Try loading the attached autosave which is from immediately before a terror mission. In addition to entering the terror mission and encountering the instant "Mission Complete", I have also loaded this save file twice and both times the mission completed within a couple of seconds of the ground combat screen showing. So all you should need to do is the following: Open the save Start the mission Wait for ground combat to load After GC loads wait a few seconds for the "Mission Complete" message. Interestingly, if I went back and load the autosave that is generated for GC, the mission does not automatically end I am able to start it normally. However, when I hit End Turn after initially moving my troops I get a CTD. strategy-19.json
  26. So does anyone else who has played the build have feedback on the new dropship design? It's only Max who has given his gameplay feedback so far.
  27. Yeah, any UFO larger than a Destroyer or Observer will be using the old dropship. We're still testing the new dropship so I didn't want to update all the maps until we know what way we're going with the dropship as it is a rather time consuming process.
  28. Incidentally, no need for this any more - we think we've found and fixed the bug now. It's linked to soldiers being killed in battle, which is why I couldn't reproduce it with the "kill all" command I was using to win the missions.
  29. Oh I'm sure there will be better and faster dropships, just as in Xen1 ;-). What I'd like to know is that when they get shot down, does a more advanced dropship provide more protection for the troops on it (so that there is more chance of them surviving). I think there should be an option to allow the dropship to land, whereby the troops scatter and are saved, but you loose the dropship. The troops turn up back at base later though!
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