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[v9] Aftercombat trophies auto

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Greetings. I experienced strange "tropgy automanagement" behaviour.

There is a savegame attached. It is the first ground combat in the game, so I have no alien corpses or weapons.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Load the savegame attached, GROUND_BUG.

2. Finish two aliens visible to xenonauts.

3. Step solders on the bodies and press 'i' to see bodies and weapons on the ground.

4. Press "end turn" button.

5. Report will show that both bodies was destroyed and plasma rifle was sold.

I expected bodies and rifle to be kept for research in addition to pistol which actually was kept.




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Autopsies aren't in-game yet, that's why bodies are destroyed.

The way the weapons get stored is.. odd currently, and well known I believe. Like, even after you've research a plasma pistol it will reserve one plasma pistol for each ground combat. The plasma rifle doesn't get reserved yet since you can't research it until after plasma pistol is researched.

Hopefully, when beta comes up and it's a bit more of a priority then (compared to Alpha stage) we'll see a bit more consistency. i.e. only one reserved ever, and never reserves after research along with autopsies being in-game.

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I'm pretty sure that the plasma rifle is getting saved but that there is a display bugg which instead shows it as destroyed if you are already saveing something else (like the pistol). Players have reported finding and saveing rifles without haveing saved pistols prior or getting pistols in the mission.

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