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Question about items and corpses recovered from ground mission


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Greetings. I have a question regarding things and bodies xenonauts revcover from ground mission.

Am I correct that some part of it might be lost in transporting?

I had a mission where two sebilians were shot and saw both bodies and weapons on a ground via inventory screen. No explosives were used, but mission result screen stated that both corpses were "destroyed".

Also, plasma pistol was reported as found and plasma firle was reported as sold. Did I miss something?

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It's a feature. You only need alien equipment and corpses for research, 1 of each I suppose, but after that they get automatically sold/destroyed which you would've done anyway (as you can't use them for anything else). Nothing is lost.

The pistol you "found" was probably your first while your research division already had the rifle so the subsequent ones got sold.

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