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[VERSION 21 STABLE] Ground Combat - Plasma Caster Reaction Fire

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I've noticed that sometimes a trooper with the Plasma Caster and wolf armor (only seen it with that combination so far, if I see it with anything else I'll add it) will try to reaction fire when they have insufficient time units or are out of ammo, when this happens, it keeps repeating the animation, with no shots fired, and just kinda locks up there. It won't continue past that point, and I have to close out and restart the game. Not sure if it will do it in all facings, but I have seen it in the North and North East facings.

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I had something similar my heavy was MC'd by aliens and I walked in front of him. he should not have had the TU's to fire and when I passed him he tried to fire and I just got the firing sound repeating. had to close and lost out all progress on that mission. Wolf armor and laser MG facing south east.

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