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Hi, so i was playing this game for a while... and it is great

Well...yesterday after few beers and some chat with friends which i share the amusement of alternate reality scifi's i got this crazy idea, some sort of "weaker" Extra Terrestrials (which could be absolutely done i suppose) because i want to set this mod into post WWI-war scenario.

I am familiar with that the planes were almost wooden coffins armed with some pew-pew stuff which is almost certainly incapable of shooting down current ETs. So i was wondering if there is some way for this "total conversion" or not :) any advice/help/note will be appreciated.

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If it's crazy and it works it's not crazy. =P

Why would you want/need to research their stuff when they are "weaker"?

How do you keep soldier deaths a game element? Higher enemy count has a good chance of bogging down the game.

Item / enemy stats and most graphics can be changed easily but soldier/alien unit animations are a huge hassle so they would probably look the same.

Female officers/scientists or *gasp* soldiers were a big no no in that time. Minor change, game-wise...

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