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Also, a minor UI tweak would be to have two separate roll buttons: one for left and one for right, as as far as I can tell, it is random. This would give the player more control over his aircraft(s).

Forget the UI button, use "Q" and "E" buttons

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I think what he meant was that during the roll the plane should also fly forwards, not instantly stop and roll.

Yes, I got that. I was referring to the statement:

as speed would make a difference as to how quickly the aircraft would roll out of the way

At the moment, speed does make a difference. But at the moment, higher speed makes dodging better (since you roll further) whereas - I think - it was being suggested that flying faster should make dodging worse (since the forward momentum would mean you have to dodge earlier otherwise your forward momentum will carry you into the missile anyway).

Personally, I think the system game-play wise is better now. There's a distinct advantage to flying at slowest speed in air combat (especially with cannon-armed planes) since it maximises the number of shots you can take before entering enemy firing range. On the other hand, doing that renders you vulnerable to enemy attacks when you do enter range as you basically can't dodge. So there's a nice trade-off between high and low speed at the moment.

Being able to choose the direction of a dodge would be nice, though. Although I imagine it's impact on gameplay would be small compared with the effort required to put it in place.

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That would be interesting!

Chris if you do decide to go ahead...

The conventional way would be to calculate momentum (mass*velocity) then to set how much sideways momentum a role generates to arrive at a resultant vector. This would work but I would argue that as masses and velocity are already fixed, all the aircraft will behave in a very conventional way. With heavy aircraft almost unable to dodge!

However, if you replace mass in the momentum equations with a modifiable factor then you have something you can change independent of mass that would alter the role ability i.e. Forward velocity * Factor = X. This factor can be equal to mass for those aircraft you want to operate conventionally (i.e. condor, foxtrot), but you could set it less for some aircraft - perhaps some of the UFOs and the Corsair for example.

Then you have another component you can play around with to make aircraft different, with some only able to make momentum roles and others (with some hand wavy UFO science) can change direction instantly. That would be much nicer than just being able to change only role distance and speed.

In fact having just wrote this you do realise that you could actually enable rolling on EVERY aircraft and limit each Aircrafts actual ability to roll bases on its speed and that factor. So you could still have a strong demarkation between aircraft that can dodge missiles and those which cannot, but add in another dimension to some of the strategy!

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