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Ufo2 Extraterrestrials

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That’s cool. 2 new Strategy-Games in 5 Weeks. First this Friday XCOM: Chimera Squad and on 20.05.2020 Ufo2: Extraterrestrials.

Together with finishing full XCOM2 with WotC (the normal Version with all smaller DLC‘s are already finished), finishing the Battle-Tech Strategy-Game with all DLC’s are not bad for this year.

And playing Hoi 4 with the latest Version incl. all DLC‘s and Betatest Xenonauts 2 are the Cream Topping in this Crisis (Corona).

BTW: Xenonauts 2 is a very Interresting Counterpart to the new XCOM-Series and UFO / UFO2:Extraterrestrials.


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News from UFO 2 Extraterestials.

The Game get ready for Release in the next Time (announced since 15.05.2021). Funny fact, it´s 1 Year after the indecadet Release (20.05.2020) :cool:.

It´s availible on Steam in several lanugages, incl. Russian, Spain, Tshech and German, where involved translators did the translation work for Texts and Surface (like it is too in the Predecessor).

Developed it is in English like Xenonauts 2. In the Development it integrates Texts, Surface and Sound in English (Vids get showed in English, like in Battletech). Evtl. we get like in Battletech or the old Wing Commander-Series subtitels for the Vids. The Predecessor (UFO 1 ET) hadn´t had Subtitels in the Vids.

You can follow it and set it on your Whishlist in Steam already. In the Steam Announcement are Ingame Pictures and a Video which shows the differences to it´s predecessor.


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Posted (edited)

So 1 Month later as expectet UFO 2 ET is after 9 to 10 Years of Development finished. It comes today on 17:00 Hours European Time on Steam.

For the far East Europe (Russia and such) as well as all Pacific States the Time Difference will bring it 1 to 12 Hours later. For the Western Border I have no clue if they get it faster or not! But that only as Side-Note.

Update: It´s out since about about 40 to 50 Minutes [14:00 European Time] and costs 30 Euro.


From what I and all others could see in the Vids, Pictures and Informations there are many differences between all Games we know of that Part:

- The Ground-Fights are like Xenonauts or old X-COM is Turn-Based (You, Aliens, Helpers, Civilians). The differnce to all other Games is there, that you in UFO 2 ET need minimum 3 differnt Tactics.

1. Tactic (UFO Recovery and similar): The Alien-Installations and Systems are mostly undestructable, dosen´t matter what you use. You have to search the Weak-Points from that installations / Systems to fight sometimes horde of Aliens.

2. Tactic (all Missions in Human Eras): All Human Buildings are destroyable, but Helpers, Soldiers and Unprotectect are in full Danger. On the other Hand, Hordes of Aliens can be standing idile. But you have to use that Eras wisely, because it makes the Difference between good and bad results. That´s the first main Difference between UFO 1 ET and UFO 2 ET.

3. Tactic (use the Brain before going in Battle): The second Difference between UFO 1 ET and UFO 2 ET is not going Straitforward. Then you won´t win the Mission in several cases and you don´t know when that comes. Now a new Element is implemented and that is hold Position or tactical move until the Aliens are weaked to move forward again.


- The Geoscape is different too with complete new Elements (real-Time Defense from Bases to help the Fighters / Helicpoters) as well as 2 Types of Bases.

1. In all Games before you had only static Defenses. You had to wait that an UFO attacks your Bases. UFO 2 ET goes an complete new Way in that. The Bases-Defenses (Rockets, Laser or whatever) will now work on the Realtime Geoscape. Means all your Fighters and all Your bases shoot at the UFO / UFOs together. That´s fully new, that wasn´t too in UFO 1 ET.

2. The second Thing is, that you don´t have only static Bases. You have now mobile Bases (Carriers). It´s comparable to the Avenger-Base in XCOM 2. I have no clue if they are fully useable or not.

3. The cool Elements from old X-Com get in, because all Bases can be attacked. The difference to all Games we know is now, if the Infos are correct, that Bases will be out of Order (Sinking, New Buildup etc.) with to much Damage.


- The new Resarach & Development-System brings much more new Elements then in all Games before.

1. From what you can read it won´t be to linear anymore like all prevoius R & D-Systems we know from old and new XCOM, most Fan-Projects and esp. UFO 1 ET.

2. The same is annonced for the Analysis and Interrogations. 

3. From what you get shown is that the UFO-Pedia is much more cooler then in UFO 1 ET, you haven´t had to much Dead-Ends, because you have to interrogate.


- The full Soldier-Equipment, Transport and Fighters get an Refit or Upgrades too.

1. Transports can be differnt now. We have to see in what form, because it wasn´t shown. You could only see 1 Troop-Transport in the Explain-Vids and the Big Teaser-Vid.

2. Fighters get an Refit. You don´t have only Engine-Fighters (like in old X-Com, Xenonauts, Xenonauts 2 and UFO 1 ET), you get Helicpoters too. That´s an other new Element in the Game.

3. Soldier-Equipment get many Refits too. You have similar Weapons (like the Rocket-Launcher), Armors etc. like in UFO 1 ET but you get many new Elements too. Some get shown in the Vids too (like the Mortar).


- Other Refits are Graphics-Updates, Sound-Refits, better AI and much more.

- The Game is modding Compatibility, but not so much like it was in UFO 1 ET. The differnece to UFO 1 ET (which needs an Refit in many Parts like Blizzard do it with Diablo, Warcraft etc.) is that UFO 2 ET has DLC-Backdoors.

- UFO 1 ET (Standard- and Gold-Version) are an locked game and Grayfiends UNI-Mod-Team tickle 100 % of it outside with the GF-UNI-Mod [latest V. 3.93] incl. Sencondary-Mods. But more comes, because the Mod for the first Game isn´t finished yet.

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Posted (edited)

This game should had come out 10 years back.

Sure it has some good qualities here and there but they are too few to make up for the qol stuff that should be there but isnt.(like right click to add remove soldier items).

The fact that aliens have high amount of reaction fire and high accuracy (they never miss almost)

the repetitive aliens(grey-tall grey-bit stronger grey-super saya grey)

the fact that your weapons do absolutely nothing making research pointless

the fact that ufo turrets one shot you(and if its not with the first shot dont worry, it will autofire until it runs out of tus)

the fact that most aliens have aoe damage


make this a bad game. A really bad game which is sad as it is obvious that these ppl put their hearts into it. But they put their hearts so much into it that they forgot what makes these games great. Its the feeling you get starting as a useless team, that becomes op through research and then you can fight aliens on the same field. In this game when you do find a new weapon(and its rare) it becomes obsolete almost immediately. In tftd you had lobstermen which were terrifying but when you got a thermic lance they were no different than aquatoids. This among others is the appeal of these games.


I suggest to the ufo2 devs to play the original xcom and its mods. Some of them take a great game and make it greater. And hire more people. As a side note, muting people on the steam forums because they said the game was bad is a nono. Unless they are north koreans or soviet era stalinists these things are pointless on the internet. Its one of the reasons i refunded the game. I am sensitive to censorship

because samizdat

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Posted (edited)

That UFO 2 Extraterestials have some Problems is well known. All Games have Parts which get working better or worser. It get 2 small / medium Patches already for the Base-Game.

If you would have read my Post before yours then I said already that Chaos Concept (the Devs from UFO 1 ET [Standard, Gold and after the Refit Platinum Edition] and UFO 2 ET) make DLCs for UFO 2 ET after the Refit from UFO 1 ET. UFO 2 ET features many Things that were 5 Years+ from all Competitors unthinkable.

Like Upgrading our existing Ammonutions-Technology and like Xenonauts 2 shows up Upgrading our existing Weapons- and Armor-Technology for Example. And UFO 2 ET brings in more Content, which is much more Realistic like the Attack- / Defensive-Systems from the Bases and Ships (realtime Fights with the Fighters / Helis).

And that the Aliens are hard to beat with our Technology is well known too. See Indenpence Day and other Movies and in all Games which are there already.

Chaos Concept had more in already in the 8 Year+Test-Versions, but like it is in Xenonauts 2 or other Games the Alpha- and Beta-Testers show the Devs what is working and possible. All other Things will get cut or if they get lucky outsourced for DLCs and / or bigger Patches.

To say it´s a bad Game makes me and all others very angry. If I and others read such an Comment about Devs which work realy hard and with heartbeet on such a Storyline-Project, we would like to catch that writer (doesn´t matter male, female or Gender) and knock the Head of the Writer with fully power on the Wall to activate the intellectuall Power.

The same upcomming angry I have too about Movies about real Happaning (like Miracle Season: her greatest win or what is it called in English) which brings Sportsmen and Sportwomen Tears in the Eyes about the Tragedy, not only the Normalos.

There I read an similar Criticsm from an so called Movie-Expert and get :mad:. I wouldn´t like to be in his / her shoes.

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I took a look at this. 10 years of development hell. Looks awful. Designs not creative at all, stolen from better franchises art concepts. Less features than the original. Extremely outdated GUI. Poor reviews all over the internet. Overly defensive team and tiny zealous fanbase.

Hard pass.

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Posted (edited)

The Reviews are 50 / 50.

I like the new Stuff which get in UFO2ET, as the Stuff get in Xenonauts 2. Both Games bring in serveral new Features, which the Competitors don´t have in their Games. The Differences from both directly comperable Games are in 2 Points not much (the Upgrade from Planes with Weapons and Shields or the Upgrade from Ground-Vehicles with Weapons and Armor), in other Parts however very different (like the Armor-Upgrades for Soldiers or existing Weapon-Refits).

Where do you think the Similarity from all that Games come from? Yes from the old and new XCOM-Row, which brought the Ground-Base. All Games of that and other Gernes take the best of the Groundbase and overwork / refit / change them. If not, we wouldn´t have Games since about 25 Years.

I don´t have a Problem with it, because Competitors activate the Business and the Brain, esp. in the Game-Industry.

I know too that some People say that UFO2ET isn´t good with the Ground-Base, but it have secrets in it, which only have to be done fully from the Devs. The Problem was / is, that UFO2ET need minimum 2 more years to integrate them, but the Gamers wanna play the Base-Version. In that Case the Gamers have the Base-Version and have to life with it until the DLC comes out (either as a big one or several mediums step by step).

But therefore the Devs work on the Platinum-Edition for UFO 1 ET [which get played and buyed very often, but still have many Problems in the existing Versions (Standard and Gold)] with the new excellent Features from UFO2ET (an modernised R & D-Tree, more Enemys, better Groundfights, better useable Secondary-Bases, upgraded Graphics etc.) incl. Modernisations for the Win 10 / 11 operation System with 64 Bit, which will be for all of us the Systems we have to use earlyer or later.

The older Systems, but not officiall Updated Operations Systems from Microsoft anymore (Win 7, 8, 8.1) will be still assisted, but then only the 64 Bit Version about several Reasons.

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