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Ufo2 Extraterrestrials

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That’s cool. 2 new Strategy-Games in 5 Weeks. First this Friday XCOM: Chimera Squad and on 20.05.2020 Ufo2: Extraterrestrials.

Together with finishing full XCOM2 with WotC (the normal Version with all smaller DLC‘s are already finished), finishing the Battle-Tech Strategy-Game with all DLC’s are not bad for this year.

And playing Hoi 4 with the latest Version incl. all DLC‘s and Betatest Xenonauts 2 are the Cream Topping in this Crisis (Corona).

BTW: Xenonauts 2 is a very Interresting Counterpart to the new XCOM-Series and UFO / UFO2:Extraterrestrials.


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