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AI group behaviour

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Hi, i posted this in another (wrong) thread a while ago, where it didn't really belong.

So i give it a try here.

I get the feel the Aliens most of the time still are quite stationary. They seem to linger in pretty much the same areas on the same maps time after time. They should roam the maps more aggressively?, When contact is made other aliens should be drawn to assist. Now most of the time, i am finding them in the same spots.

I feel the mission variety would gain greatly if the Aliens as a group, randomly choose between say three different "team behaviors"

Representing the local alien commanders choice of strategy against the Xenonauts.

-Aggressive protection. Most of soldiers and crew, actively attack the Xeno dropship as a counter. Reckless strategy to put severe hurt on a not careful an unsuspecting commander.

- Balanced stance. Much like the aliens act on all maps today. Some are in the terrain waiting, lurking. Some protect the UFO.

Maybe this should be the most common if the ufo has landed. And you catch the alien scum with their pants down.

-Defensive stance. Most aliens, except some random sniper or strangler, protect the UFO. Dug in around it, and awaiting the breach in full force.

A good way to make you not knowing what to expect from each UFO assault? In attacks upon Xeno facility for instance, some Alien commanders could choose to move their force in a big group to present an aggressive attack in force against the command center. Some alien commanders might choose to spread out and make great damage to the entire facility.

Maybe its too advanced coding involved and maybe its too late. But i feel its a pretty good idea, so i throw it out there.

And small drones should put way more fire in the terrain, like fire all the time. Now they most of the time take reaction shots. And last two times i faced larger drones, they just sat there starring at me, no movement, and no fire. Up their aggression please :)

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The stances are in, and aggressive/defensive are easily spotted. It's just done on a per alien basis and not a grand strategy. You'll notice that some aliens will never leave the ship. There's also a "passive" stance, which seems to be a stance for sniper/camping aliens.

As for the tactics, there's a set of moddable traits for each rank of each alien race. The traits include how aggressively aliens will go after humans (or run away from them, depending on the value of the trait), how keen the aliens are to seek out humans, how closely they stay together/spread out, whether to prefer hidey-holes, and so on. It'll be cool when the values are sorted and everything's up and running.

Drones that only have burst fire weapons are bugged right now. For some reason they're insanely reluctant to fire if they don't have a single fire option.

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