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[V21 E3] Wrong win condition in GC

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I breached a light scout and killed everybode inside. The mission didn't end so I moved my soldiers out to find the last alien. After 5 turns I located the last alien but the game ended and one alien escaped.

-The game should not end if nobody is in the ufo securing it and there are still aliens alive.

-IMO the game should not end even if somebody IS securing ufo if the remaining aliens are in sight.

EDIT: Can't replicate this from a save... either it was some rare circumstances (I had one soldier panicing in the ufo and one died) that triggered the bug or i've become blind and didn't see one of my units in the ufo.

Anyway, my second point stands: even if somebody is securing the ufo, the mission shouldn't end if the remaining aliens are in sight.

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I believe it should work like this. If you secure a UFO you win even if there are aliens around.

I ask Chris about this.

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If you were holding the UFO desperately waiting for the five turns to be up and the cavalry to save you from the last alien or two then you would be mightily annoyed if the win condition you were relying on didn't happen just because you could see one of them.

Having one man pinned down on the opposite side of the map and several holding the craft should not cause the take and hold condition to fail to trigger until he dies or runs away.

I can see why capturing the UFO might not happen if you left to pursue the aliens without leaving anyone to hold it though.

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