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Easier saves for bugreports

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I'd like to suggest two small changes that should make it easier to provide save games, as those as often asked for when reporting bugs.

- Make it possible to turn off Ironman even for Insane. Especially now that the experimental patch makes the previous Veteran to be Insane. E.g. I myself play Ironman style even though I have that checkbox turned off, and this would help also with cases where somebody loses the whole game because the game crashes. It's ok if this is enforced for the final release, but I don't quite see the point now.

- Make the game autosave more often. There are many cases where the save needs to be done before a problem occurs, but that's hard to do without a crystal ball. It would be useful if the game had additional autosave slots for right before ending turn in ground combat, right before entering air combat, and possibly more (right before starting ground combat, right before research is finished, etc. - I guess Matthew could have a good idea what saves he asks most often for). Saving, at least for me, is just a short moment, so I wouldn't even really notice. If it's not so for some people, this would be at least useful as a debugging option in gameconfig.xml .

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