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A quick UI idea

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Hi there, I have found the game really by chance and since I love X-COM I decided to give it a try and was surprised by the GUI design. You have GREAT in game art why not the UI ? This is done in 20min (yeah have no time :( ) and yes I`m GUI artist :)

Hope you like it and btw I have used elements from your rifles design - they are lovely@


full res image:




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Nice art there. But that's more of a Fallout-style industrial and post-apocalyptic look though, don't you think?

Yep is does look quite like it, but its just very quick shot :) The point is to show you how much you can change the user experience of the game just by the UI. If you want I can do a real test screen for you - something more polished - of course if you are interested in changing the GUI of the game.

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