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Pitch black night misions

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Now I have searched and read some former posts over night missions and the suggestions to change; night vision tools, more visible range, larger light circle of chemlights and so on.

I will not discuss those.

My though is that the night missions are too dark.

Ok, maybe the aliens cut the power so that all lights go out in the city/village/industrial/whatever area, but why are the civillians and local forces moving around like they see everything?

Additionally I think it would be better if some lights were still working, like street lamps, changing traffic lights, building lights (doesn't need to have them all powered).

Imagine a street lamp at the edge of sight range, suddenly an alien rushes in and out back into darkness. Thrilling effect to the soldiers!

And further, the aliens could intend to kill the lights when in battle, to make it harder for the soldiers and force them to throw chemlights repeatedly.

Sorry if this was discussed already. I haven't found it then.

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Yeah, we do need more light sources, but general night time ambience-wise I would love if the game had some alpha filter so that on night missions, even the visible map portions would be a bit more dark and muted, maybe blue tinted to give more night time feel.

GH could atleast maybe add one full screen alpha texture on ground combat for modding purposes. ;)

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I manly try to avoid night missions because it was too dark, i would love it to be fixed

I would have said it wasn't manly to avoid night missions ;)

There is a setting in the spectres for tiles to emit light but it doesn't seem to be used very often.

Wouldn't help on the missions where there aren't street lights and so on, like farms for example.

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I think traffic lights would actually be impossible currently.

I believe the setting to emit light is a single setting that is either always on or always off and only emits white light.

Changing it to flash or be different colours would need coding and considering how often the current light sources are used I wouldn't think Chris wants to dedicate coding time, especially at this stage.

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