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How to flesh up briefing screen


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I feel the briefing screen before ground combat is a bit unfinished, but can't really come up any great ideas how to flesh it up.

I think the upcoming and immersion breaking loading screen should atleast be merged with it to have a better flow and to keep players in the game. The screen should have more variable text and intel information though, as for now, I don't even bother reading it anymore. Maybe some kind of random text generator to stitch up a wall of unique intel text. In addition to current ufo condition stuff, it could also tell expected rough alien numbers, current mission goal (capture alien alive), time of day, possible civilian and local force numbers, crashsite location from lz, tileset etc.

I won't type an example of a briefing here as I'm not a native english speaker and it'd end up terrible, but you get the general idea?

loading the gc would go almost unnoticed while player is reading even semi intresting intel of the following mission. Just add a small rotating loading icon that changes to deploy button when ready.

Any ideas to make the briefing screen more intresting? Do people prefer the seperate loading screen? Other thoughts?

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The last release with a new idea for loading and briefing screens pretty much broke the game for a lot of people ;)

All joking aside though, I like it the way it is. Obviously it's not finished, but for me personally not a lot has to be done. But then again I like loading screens that break the immersion a little, and allow me to eat my yoghurt :)

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