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[BUG] [V20Stable] Alien base assault, crash

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I've been playing on easy, mostly just to see how much is already there and I noticed an number of very odd things after I attack an alien base.

I cleared out all aliens (including stunning some with electro grenades, including the officer).

  • First thing I noticed was that the text on the right hand side of the mission finish screen was overlapping.
  • Then I noticed that my troop carrier was not returning to base. He just sat where the alien base was; I sent him back manually.
  • I then noticed that I couldn't click on any of the base functions from the Geo screen.
  • I went to full speed, a bombing and terror mission appeared, but they weren't on the map and I couldn't send anyone.
  • Then the game crashed.
  • I turned out it was crashing on Autosave. I reloaded from the last save (still in alien base) and all the above happened again.

Even saving manually causes a crash. I was planning to put offer a save, but I managed to delete them all (oops) while messing around with beta settings in steam. I'm going to start the game again and see if I reproduce this.

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You might want to try a complete reinstall. Some other users had a bunch of weird problems in the last build if they had not done that. What I did was completely delete my Xenonauts directory from the Steam folder, delete the Steam app cache folder, and finally tell Steam to remove local content, then I told Steam to reinstall Xenonauts.

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