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Air-combat map. circle instead of rectangle?


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I guess the sugestion comes way too late but here comes it anyway.

If the Air combat map would be a circle. the retreats would be fairer.

the map now often gives the worst possible exit strategy (the corners of the map).

By the way, enemy interceptors need to be nearer to the own ships at the beginning of the combat. if they are faster on the global map why should i be able to turn and fly away? and they dont follow after the first interception, they would force crash landings if one would use the afterburner much.

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Yes, a circle is far better, but I have my doubts GH is going to want to make that big of a change when the game is close to completion.

@Tscho - That used to be how it was, but after dozens of disengage/re-engage cycles players would get frustrated. GH decided to make it so you could completely disengage and go home instead of a constant set of air battles all the way back to your field. If you need some justification in your head just image your jets are diving for the treetops and the UFOs aren't able to maneuver that close to the ground or they are afraid of AAA and SAMs coming up from everywhere (actually a "real" consideration.)

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