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V20 Stable Candidate 2 available!

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Since the update to the stable candidate 2 build i have not experienced the CTD on load that seems to be going around. I have played on both 1920*1080 and 1768*992, windowed and full-screen on both resolutions.

My setup is i7-3930k (stock), 32GB 1866Mhz RAM, 2X 240 GB SSD (stripe) + Secondary HDD (w/ steam folder), GTX 680 4GB, Windows 8.1 Professional 64-bit.

While i have not noticed the CTD on load, i am experiencing a CTD whenever I am attempting to access a soldier's inventory. I am aware that the soldier inventory issue is known.

I don't know if this information helps or not but I hope it is of some assistance.

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Is the crashing on CM loading occurring with ATI cards only?

Using my test save, I tried the following resolutions; FS=Fullscreen W=Windowed

1680x1050 FS-CTD 1/5 W-2/1

1600x900 FS 10/10 no CTD

1440x900 FS Ok

1400x1050 FS Ok

1366x768 FS Ok

1360x1024 W Ok

1280x1024 W CTD

1280x960 FS Ok W CTD

I only tried the majority of resolution once so not really conclusive apart from 1600x900 works for me.

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There's a CTD during Air combat when you click on missiles to reenable them.

What I did :

- moved my planes around the scout, sometimes clicking on the Condors icons on the right, sometimes on them on the map

- disabled the second missile on first plane, and first missile on second plane (don't ask why)

- plane two shoot its second missile at the scout

- I click RMB then LMB (don't ask why) on the left missile to shoot it : CTD.

Also, I know the engine is old, but isn't Fullscreen-Windowed still not possible ? I miss this a *lot*.

Thank you for this fantastic game, will report more bugs as I find them.

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Integrated graphics

i5-2520M 2.5 GHZ

Win 7 64-bit

I'm not having any CTD on gc load, but opening inventory results in crash and it takes about 5 times longer to load at 1366x768 than it used to.

I tried some other resolutions and they were all slow with fullscreen, 1366x760, 1280x720, and 1024x768.

The only one that can run in a window for me is 1280x720 and it loads quite fast that way which is kinda odd.

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