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[V20.8 Geoscape] - New soldiers reported as "Wounded 17 days"

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Yes. I started a new game with RC 20V1. The four soldiers are at Wounded - 17 days, yet only one of my hospital beds is in use.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5926455/AutosaveIM2013-12-19_18.33.25.sav This is my current savegame. There may be more than one thing broken with it though, since I also get the CTD on loading ground combat. I didn't do any fancy stuff with my install and Steam checks the file integrity out fine.

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V20 hotfix 2

I had all the above issues after a couple of months in the game;

98% troop health

Wounded 17 days (This affected new hires and existing troops)

and the wounded 490467 (or whatever number it was).

I have gone back to using V19 until this is sorted.

Edit: I tried using V20.1 and it CTD on the first ground combat while loading the combat screen.

Update: I verified files and it replaced a 240kb file. Reloaded, started new game, and again it crashed loading the first ground combat. I verified again and it replaced a 240kb file as before. New game, first combat loaded this time and completed successfully.

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I had a guy killed in ground combat, but in the after action report it listed him as "Wounded - 21 days". Then I check again when the dropship gets back and it says he's wounded for 17 days. This then never changes.

This particular soldier also appears in the dropship passenger arrangement thingy. He cannot be removed from there either except by decommissioning the dropship. This is similar to the ghost soldiers in dropship after base defence bug: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/7905-V19-Stable-Ghost-soldiers-in-dropship-crash

I cannot now load the save where this happens, nor make a save after this happens - it crashes the game.

I'm also getting the 98% health message on the soldiers info screen.

BTW, I'm playing the latest experimental v20 build on Steam, whatever particular version that is.

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