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V20 Experimental Build 8 Hotfix 1 Available!

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Firstly, if you do not know how to access the experimental branch on Steam, please read the instructions (and warnings!) in this thread.

This hotfix addresses a few issues, and also includes a small number of improvements. The changes here are minor enough that saved games from build 8 should not be affected.


- Auto-saves created at the start of Ground Combat now include aliens

- UFOs shot down over water now correctly grant a relations boost to the nearest funding nation

- Camera delay after an AI unit moved/fired reduced slightly

- Fixed C4 damage being set to 20 instead of 200 (oops)


- Injured soldiers are now indicated on the soldier equip screen


- Funding from each nation is now capped at 2 times the starting funding level of that block (previously could be pumped to infinity)

- Victory in a Terror Mission now grants you a significant relations bonus with the nation that was attacked

- Extended the length of time both Terror Mission types persist for to be between 12 and 24 hours (was previously between 3 and 12)

- Set Xenonaut/Alien accuracy bonus to 1.5x (this was already stealth-fixed in, listing here for completeness)

- Increased the speed and turn rate of higher tiered UFO weapons (they were trivially easy to avoid with any aircraft due to their long travel time)

- Turn rate of faster UFOs now increase with their speed; previously their turning circles were just too large

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Hello, new here, do hope this is where I should post this. I'm having a bug where at the end of each mission, nothing is contributing to scores; it's all zero. Loss of a vehicle doesn't deduct a point, but others such as killing civilians do. I'd imagine the score system has to do with countries liking me. As you can see, this is a bit of a problem.

Great game by the way. I'm too young to have played Xcom, but with Firaxis as my basis for comparison, you guys are doing a cracking job.

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- Extended the length of time both Terror Mission types persist for to be between 12 and 24 hours (was previously between 3 and 12)

This chance raises a question: Doesn't that mean, that you can now practically avoid most night terror missions by delaying liftoff and calcuating the right time for landing after dark? At least the landing terror sites should keep their sense of urgency.

I agree that the aerial bombing terror missions were problematic, but in my case the problem was mostly that they were created in such a far-away city that my interceptors didn't have anough fuel to reach them anyway.

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@ Doctoxic The developers have decided that nation funding boosts come from air victories. Not a bug, except that it bugs me. ;)

You get more loot money from missions, and your soldiers get better (if they don't get dead). You also need some salvage to progress in the tech tree.

The new mission result screen is under construction, as I understand it.

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Have you improved the AI ​​of Teleport aliens? Previously they have either Placed very clumsy or killed in kamikaze maneuvers itself.

I find these aliens bring pizzazz to the missions. Would they use the ability Intelligent I mean. Neither too defensive, only cover Teleport, not too offensive, Teleport, injuring or killing a soldier and then die.

I do not know if it is possible to program an AI so, but if then any mission would be associated with stomachache and paralyzing fear of these teleporters aliens. ^ ^

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C4 still seems a bit weird.... it blew up the fences in the military base just fine... but then didn't even scratch the outer stone walls in the military base...(same map, only 2 turns later) I had to resort to shooting myself through them.. with ballistic weapons(which is in comparison a bit... silly.)

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