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DLC or Modding?


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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if the possibility of a DLC has ever been mentioned and what the position of the team is on the matter. I get that modding is an important thing on such a game, and it is really great that it is facilitated as much as it is already, but a DLC would allow new mechanics on a different scale...

Just to make sure I am understood: I really like the game, and there are a lot of features that I know can't be added at this stage of the development. I wonder if the team would consider taking some "rest" from the game once its done before having another "go" at it.

Maybe I am underestimating the modding possibilities or maybe I have a bad representation of what the developer's state of mind is, but I guess there could be a lot to be done after a few months not thinking about Xenonauts.

Really, the game, once done, will be great... I just want more (an unhealthy habit of mine).

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