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[V19 STABLE HOTFIX - Battlescape] Flares thrown from second story "levitate"

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This one's pretty simple, so I don't think I need to upload a save, or anything.

Basically put, I have my sniper take a second-floor so I can have the sniper... well, snipe. It's a night mission, and I want to see, so I have him shoot out the window and chuck a flare as far as he can. The appearance of a parabolic arc later, the flare is lighting up the street across the way.

Except when I toggle down a floor (you guys really need to make it possible to set scroll-down to the mouse wheel,) I find that the flare disappeared. It turns out, the flare levitates.

Although it's more "unimplemented feature" than "bug", as well, you can throw onto the roof of a multi-story building at the same distances you can throw across a level field.

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