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Weapon - Suggestions


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Game is really good ( I already lost 3 day´s of my life to it :P )

One point i still miss from the later versions of xcom and hate it in the new one.

Don´t know if it will change in endgame ( start using Plasma weapons )

Same weapons in new form.

is, every time the same weapon baseline

( Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, LMG )

Just shooting Red or Blue sprits.

there a good mechanic for choosing Fire mode, how about make i a bit more adaptiv to Weapons?

And also make weapons more Flexible to Tec level by giving it different types of ammo.

LMG Class


Munition Standard / later Alien Material Ammunition

1. Burst ( 5 Bullets )

2. Aimed Burst ( 3 Bullets )

(Special for Starters to Hit something)

Laser LMG

Munition Normal / High Energy

1. Burst ( 5 Shots )

2. Overcharged ( empty’s magazine )

( High Damage depending of ammunition in magazine, high TU, nearly a sniper shoot )


Assault Class ( Shotgun Class )


Munition = Slug, Bug shoot, Plasma

1. Snap Shoot

2. Normal Shoot

Laser ( no Shotgun )

Munition = Normal / High Energy

1. Snapshot

2. Short Burst

2. Long Burst

Plasma ...

Laser rifle

Instead of Burst, Overcharge.

This and the inclusion of different ammo to close the Tec Level gab´s would give more style to the weapons and playstile of players.

Even in Mid or Endgame

Laser with High Energy Cell more for Range, Plasma more for Close Combat.

( i hope my English is not to bad )

maybee to late for this game, but for xenonauts 2 *G* )

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Hi - thanks for the post - your English isn't too bad either, don't worry. The different ammunition types for weapons and different fire types would overcomplicate things in this game, I think, given there's already 5 different types of weapon in each "tier".

However, they are ideas I like and something I would consider in a future game where we're less constrained by having to remake X-Com faithfully.

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That`s the point 5 weapons for each tear, but all are the same only a bit better.

Maybee for Xenonauts 2 something like this would make it more flexible and complex.

Or someone creates a mod (maybee me *G* if i could find the time and still have the skill )

players can bring Lasers to Tec 3 or just use ignore Laser and use Bullets to go to Plasma and Tec 3.

Or go both ways.

[table=width: 500]



[td]TEC 0[/td]

[td]TEC 1[/td]

[td]TEC 2[/td]

[td]TEC 3[/td]




[td]Pistol with FMJ[/td]

[td]Pistol with AMA[/td]


[td]Laser Puls Pistol[/td]




[td]Rifle with FMJ[/td]

[td]Rifle with AMA / Laser Rifle[/td]

[td]HE Laser Rife / Plasma Rifle [/td]

[td]Shell Plasma Rifle[/td]



[td]Close Combat[/td]

[td]Shotgun with 3 Ball[/td]

[td]Shotgun with AMA[/td]

[td]Plasma Rifle[/td]





[td]Sniper with FMJ[/td]

[td]Sniper with AMA / Laser Rifle[/td]

[td]HE Laser Rifle[/td]

[td]Shell Plasma Sniper[/td]



[td]Heavy Rapid[/td]

[td]MG with FMJ[/td]

[td]MG with AMA[/td]

[td]Heavy Puls Laser [/td]

[td]Shell Rapid Plasma[/td]






[td]Launcher / Heavy Plasma[/td]

[td]Heavy Plasma[/td]



[td]Beam Weapon[/td]

[td] - [/td]

[td] Heavy Beam[/td]

[td] HE Heavy Beam[/td]

[td] EMRP Rifle[/td]




Burst 5 shots, low hit

Aimed Burst 3 shots, high hit

FMJ = Full Matel Jacket

AMA = Alien Material Ammo ( just more damage )

Laser Rifle

no Snap Shot ( needs Time to charge and Focus on target )

Normal Shot

Aimed Shot

Beam Shot

Heavy Laser Beam

Normal Beam / High Energy Beam

Plasma Short Range but High Damage

( short Range )

HE Laser

New Ammo Type increasing Damage

( same Damage als Plasma but Lack of Close Combat )

Heavy Puls Laser ( rapid fire Version of MG )

Heavy Plasma

TEC Level 3

High Skill Research and Improvmed of Alien Tech

Laser Puls Pistol ( just a micro version of Heavy Puls Laser )

Shell Plasma Rifle / Sniper ( Energy Shild contains Plasma till impact )

Melter ( Sniper, Combination of Plasma and Microwave Tech )

EMRP Rifle

Electromagnetic-Resonance-Rifle ( New Weapon Tree after finding some Alien Scanners )

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