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Couple of UI improvement suggestions


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As the title indicates, Desura build 54 full.

-Double right click to cancel move on the spot? I find myself double left clicking to move too often (bad habit I know), and for some reason sometimes I'm selecting the wrong soldier and want to cancel move right away. Being able to cancel movement plan and stop right there partway through a move too would be a bonus.

-Sometimes clicking a highlighted soldier doesn't change selection. It's much easier to get the green circle indicator than to get it to actually select that soldier when I click the mouse button. Fiddly, trouble here makes it easy for me to mess up my moves.

-Right click and hold to drag view in battle screen. Soldier change face only on fast right-click. I personally have no problem distinguishing between the two controls in games and it seems natural. Having to keep a hand on the arrow keys to scroll around is a little bit annoying.

-It's too difficult to select just the right square behind a wall. Don't need transparency here, but I don't know what to suggest.

-Many UI elements, especially text, are uncomfortably small. My laptop screen isn't tiny, 1280x700, but a small boost to text size would be very welcome. And menubar icons.

-More leniency with throwing grenades past adjacent soldiers at 45-degrees. I don't see how a soldier to your right front diagonally could be considered blocking a throw even if you throw it a little to the right. Too much to the right, yes, but not until you try to throw it right over his head or something. IRL I believe I could throw something about 55-degrees to my right right if someone was 2 feet away diagonal on my right. Building corners on the other hand seem fine in the current scheme. Also, for visibility, if one of my soldiers is in the way of a throw please change the color of the circles to red, or better maybe highlight his figure in red? The green circles don't seem right.

-KIA soldiers should get the crimson heart. Medals for valor are frequently given posthumously too, if you want to go that route. Even though medal bonuses are no use to a dead soldier I think it would add some flavor.


-I have magical teleporting fairy Sebilians. I see one in a building on the trainyard map, no way out. I watch all the exits, but he goes into the back room, but when I look there he's gone. He shows up outside in the lefthand corner of the map...

-Weird fog of war bug after throwing a smoke grenade at night. The fog didn't update right for one soldier and he couldn't see the edge of the smoke.

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1. Hit the space bar. Stops everything. I use it all the time.

2. No comment.

3. Use WASD, it's much easier (if you're right handed and using the mouse in your right hand).

4. Agreed, stuff like this needs to be addressed. Make screenshots and make a bug report to show exactly the issue, otherwise it may be missed.

5. UI Change will fix this, probably.

6. I've not had issues, but maybe I just don't use grenades that much.

7. Definitely agree.

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