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What's with these doors?


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I am currently fighting a tough fight against the alien invaders to defend my base.

First Time that i meet the Terminator Aliens (I am sure you know who i mean). They are happily storming the control center and die in dozens. My Problem is: Every now and then either an Alien or one of my guys hits the controls of the door, which makes them close and i can't get them to open again.

Anyone know what i can do against that?

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...i always have to blast my way in (which is fun as i like to pretend they are trying to lock themselves in) every time.
I love blasting my way in! It's a lot more fun then just opening the door and it gives me an excuse to use copious amounts of C4. I mean, really, who doesn't like blowing stuff up! You also get to splatter aliens all over the doorway and that's always rewarding too.
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Move a squaddie next to the door, then the mouse so you get a "door open" icon (usually if you point the mouse at the corner of the door). Then right-click.

That was my point. You cannot open the door again, once it shuts down, because it got hit by something. There is no "door open" icon.

Believe me, i have around 50 hours in the game, i am not stupid, i know how to play.

Edit: Never mind me, i am indeed stupid and thought you replied to my initial post. Sorry.

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