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They'll just have a scanner that automatically scans sites and locates ones that have an out-of-date vBulletin install, then they'll press a button and it'll automatically inject malicious code. We'll have been attacked because their trawler randomly found our site, nothing deeper than that.

It doesn't sound like it was particularly challenging for our web admin to correct (or trace), so they're clearly just some bored kids with little actual hacking ability.

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Yeah, all in all, nothing to worry about. They exploited a vulnerability in the forum to deface the site, tried to leave a backdoor that would not work on this server, and that's pretty much it. There have been lots of vBulletin hacks recently, it was even reported in some tech news.

I also sent one of the guys behind it a personal message because he's too stupid to remain anonymous while trying to drop a backdoor :)

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