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Moving Aircraft (and everything else, really)


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So, I'm pretty sure I saw this somewhere, but...I would really like to be able to move my aircraft between bases. In fact, I should be able to move soldiers, aircraft, or pretty much any other materials to another base. Such as say, if I need to evacuate a base.

Once you start building your own aircraft, it doesn't make sense to have to build a workshop and build the aircraft at each base. Past a certain point, my bases start to specialize, I should be able to build them, then move them to a new base for use.

EDIT: Okay, full disclosure, I was looking on the wrong tabs.

EDIT2: Can we have multi-select and a move soliders to base x dialog from the Personnel tab, then?

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Actually, I expected to move the aircraft in the Assets tab (like in X-COM)

Or moving soldiers from the Personnel tab.

You know, because it totally makes sense for me to move my guys around from where I equip them, rather than you know, the managing soldiers screen, where I manage them.


Okay, you're right, I didn't see you can move them from tabs where it makes no sense to do so, intuitively (at least to me).

Thanks for the tip :D

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