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Using the latest in bioengineering, robotics and mad science we have succeeded in creating what SPT7 has unimaginatively dubbed a "Space Whale". The creature is about the same mass as Earth's moon, and is capable of existing in an atmosphere-free environment. Inside its chest-cavity is a habitable area that is not unlike one of our standard interstellar ships and as the creature grows the liveable area seems to grow and expand. By using advanced neural implants bridge crew are able to "look" through the creature's eyes as well as make use of its echolocation-like psionic capabilities. Unfortunately we still have to work on a propulsion system, as the creature is at present only capable of flailing its fluke about which, given the void that is space, is completely ineffective at creating any sort of momentum.

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Bringing you news from the 'verse, to you throughout the 'verse... in verse

There is a flagship making discoveries,

with a head scientist who's like John Cleese,

He's great, pushes boundaries, and has great flair,

not to mention his wonderful hair!

They've made new reactors powered by lightning bolts,

are constantly losing crew who act like dolts,

but cloning them back cuts down overheads,

Now the ships entirely crewed by fred's!

They make cannons that do stuff,

Like pow, zap and puff,

Open tears through dimensions,

and cutting down on pensions.

Making whales that can't swim

It's humanities win!

For we can live inside them,

And hide from the Zigen! (those bloody vego alien-pricks)

So come to you local enlistment troll,

Sign away your life, your property, your soul,

I wont promise great things, like sights and sounds,

For if you're unlucky, you first post are the test grounds!

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From: Dr. Cox

Re: Team 2 SCIENCE!

I like to remind everyone why we are working here! Science is tool who purpose is to bring forth greater good. Not a personal means to achieve power or glory. And the greater good cleary WAS me ruling over the USA. Except team 4 beat us to it:


Insano for president? Damn you people, that weather manipulator was supposed to be my trump card! You are slow! I'm sure there's a traitor among our ranks and he will be dealt with!

EDIT: Insano rules, Dr. Cox sucks coc*s

EDIT2: Who the hell hacked the terminals? Insano, is that you?

EDIT3: That's president Insano to you! Also, the new law just passed, report to the re-education chamber #34.

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Our team has discovered that by removing thermal couplings and routing power directly through the ifracells allows for routing energy far more efficiently, resulting in a 750% increase in the rate of acceleration for our single-crew fighter craft, making them far more effective at combat manoeuvres. Note that the drastic increase of the chance of engine overload resulting in the craft exploding is likely the least dangerous result of removing these fail-safes.

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SPT1's continued focus on cybernetics is finally paying off in very large dividends. New neuroscience, combined with our previous research on the "Space Whales" has has allowed us to create a neural interface for use with our single-pilot fighters, which allows pilots to fly by thought alone. Using this interface as well as traditional controls (for ease and familiarity) allows our pilots to perform an astonishing 417% better in combat manoeuvres by both nearly eliminating the delay between thought and action and providing far more exact control over the craft. Testing has found that reports of strange dreams are common and of little concern, but any incidents of pilots hearing their craft "speak" to them while not inside the craft should be immediately reported to the medical division.

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We have completed work on a new infantry weapon: dubbed the Magnetic Energy Graviton Atom Buster, the device itself is a sort of railgun which fires superheated plasma arm-mounted as a gauntlet.

Activation is achieved by a simple but specific motion, which slides the chamber over the operator's hand and creates a vacuum chamber. When fired, the weapon gathers air in the chamber wand uses a miniaturized matter-collider to smash the atoms together and excite them. The mass of plasma in the chamber is then bombarded with gravitons to achieve cohesion, and then a magnetic coil is used to accelerate the mass before firing it. The result is a high-velocity projectile with a high enough temperature to melt most basic form of personnel armour as well as a surprising amount of stopping power.

In order to increase utility, we are currently working on a system which will allow operators to tore more air in the chamber, essentially letting them "charge" the weapon to create a larger projectile with greater damage potential.

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SPT1's fist Cold Fusion Reactor Conference.

SPEAKER: Dr. sr. md. Magus Rubella

GENIUS! Genius I say. And I'm not saying that just because I built it.

For how long have scientists tolied to achieve cold fusion? Turns out it's so much simpler than anyone though. Ladies an genetlemen...BEHOLD!

"Excuse me sir? But ...is that a fusion reactor built out of ice?"

Yes it is.

See how simple it actually is? Ice is cold. We'll fuse ice particles in a icce fusion reactor...thereby COLD fusion!

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Working off Dr. Lloyd's research into applications of flux capacitors, we have created an incredible new defence system for our ships. We have christened the device the Moment Resolution Reduction ACTuatOR (or "Mr. Reactor" for short), which works on a time dilation principle with two drastically different implementations for our ships. For larger vessels, it produces a field which can repel ballistics and energy-based weapons and bend laser-based weapons around itself by pulsing at 1.21 gigahertz; the system is imperfect, but is successful at reducing damage sustained by at least 60% over conventional systems with similar power usages.

The truly exciting application, however, is for our smaller craft, including (a seeming favourite of SciDiv at this time) and especially, our fighter craft. At smaller scales, the device is able to create and sustain a full hyperbolic time field-it is able to drastically reduce the apparent passage of time around our ships, allowing our pilots to perform 10,000% more effectively in combat by allowing them to actually see all incoming enemy fire. To our pilots bullets, energy blasts and even lasers seem to move at about half the speed of ballistic missiles, which even our most inexperienced pilots can easily outmanoeuvre, but to onlookers it appears as though our pilots simply have astounding, superhuman reflexes. Owing to this astounding versatility, we have already started retrofitting all existing fighter craft with this device.

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