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Game improvement and balance sugestions

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1. Soldiers development system should be changed.

- right now they gain 1 point of ech stat every ground combat, so i takes ~40 ground combat missions to make super heroes of whole squad , with ~100 of main stats (tus/ strenght/accuracy),

- light scout short missions develop soldiers pretty the same as terror / big ufo / base long missions (maybe stats development and soldier promotions should depend on kills count and current rank of the soldier?)

- soldier stat improvement should be more complex / not linear

2. It shame that shrike has the same speed as Chinook and Valyrie. (We can read a fine description abut new landing craft and its superior supersonic engines)

Why not to put lets say :

Shrike - top speed: 1800 km/h acc: 600

Valkyrie : 3000 km/h acc: 900

and Chinnok 550 km/h acc: 100 ? (It is chopper at last)

I have already changed it in game files (it's half minute work).

3. to be continued later...

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Adding a night vision goggles or thermal sounds like a logical thing to do. The year is 1979 and we still rely on flares on night missions? We are a super elite organization and we don't have those, that is just sad.

Another interesting feature would be an ability to construct listening posts - something like "solitary" radar station with (or without) a missile silo to keep it company. This should allow covering a wider area without constructing new bases.

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Can't comment on the vehicles. Still only playing with the initial ones :)

The bases though are easy enough to build. Just build a base and put a radar station and a missile silo next to it and leave it at that... might get bombed by the enemy but you know :)

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