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Most Annoying 19C1 bugs

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Bug one: Stun grenades cause CTD sometimes. So far I've only seen this with when using them on lizards.

Bug two: There is an issue where your main weapon is removed whenever you try to assign a new role to a soldier. It's driving me bonkers. Of you can manual put the main weapon on the guy, but yeesh...

Bug three: For some reason I simply cannot use the med kit when a soldier is right by a door way in a base. It just won't allow to "aim" for the soldier. I have more him out into the open to heal him. Also, the med kits are doing weird stuff from time to time where I can only heal a few points no matter how much TU I dial in.

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As I posted elsewhere, the aliens in the scout can shoot through the corner of the door where my soldier does not have line of sight. It happened on both corners 3 times in my first mission and cost me s sniper that I thought was safe.
Screenshots are helpful. I always forget to take them.
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Can you post shots of 1? Even if a tile is wildly misaligned it should have no effect on the logic of the game, while relies on the settings of the door spectre and are unrelated to its graphics.
OK, I think I can actually give you a save game this problem. Look for it in the morning (London time).
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