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How to improve UI (a few suggestions)


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So here are some UI suggestions that are not crucial but will make the game less tedious and better (not saying the game is tedious, but there is always room for improvement).

1. Personnel Training Screen and Equipment Screen

I find my self clicking back and forth between these two screens quite often when selecting a team. The reason is because: 1) The Personnel Training Screen doesn't display the soldier class

Since I can't see the default class of unassigned soldier anywhere I either have to guess (which involves tediously switching between the two screens) or re-asign the class (which is impractical if the soldier's stats aren't suited for the class).

I recommend adding an letter Icon that depicts the soldier default class on the Personnel Training Screen.

2. Tactical Combat load screen doesn't prompt the player to click

This one is somewhat silly and not that big of a deal, but I think this screen should better inform the player when things are done loading.

3. Text Size

The UI text size that gives details on all of the different base windows is way too small. This is also true for the Xenopedia.


4. Soldier Class Icons in Tactical Combat

Also it would be nice to be able to tell what the soldier class is in tactical combat. Right now you can do it by the equipped weapon, but if you use custom classes like I do, some of your classes might have the same weapon.

5. Better Friendly Fire Indicator

Nothing wrong with the one right now, unless the soldier is behind a fence. Then it is hard to tell if you will hit him or not.

6. More Soldier Class "Letters"

This would be nice, and also the ability to delete existing soldier class would also be nice.

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