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Loud as Hell!

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Been a while since i posted on here, Had other stuff going on, but tonight I started playing again, Its 1:30 am, so decided to turn the volume down pretty low, which worked for the most part until I had a terror mission, All i could say (And my flatmate in a totally different room) was What the hell, As the volume from gunshots in the hidden movement phase rang out so loud I'm surprised the neighbors weren't banging on the walls ... So, I turned the sounds off ... Completely ... Surprised again as the louder than hell gunshots rang out in hidden movement ... I saved and quit out ... Please fix this, I would like to play without being deafened lol

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I have also had a difficult time finding a good sound balance. It seems the sounds I make (gunshots, screams, etc.) are much, much quieter than the sounds the aliens make, and there is little reconciliation between the two.

For example, even with headphones on and at low volume, that horrible teleportation sound the Wraiths make makes me want to claw my eardrums out. Please soften sounds like that, or at very least, make them level in volume to other sound effects.

I've noticed I've started deliberately avoiding Wraith encounters specifically because of that noise. That's not a behavior you want players to exhibit if you want to keep them interested in playing.

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That was one of the bugs listed as fixed in the 19s. I never ran accross it there. If you are still running version 18 then you should expect it and probably mute Xenonauts if you are wearing headphones.

Oh good, then I withdraw my complaint. I like the sounds, it's just the balance that was noticeably off.

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