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Not selling weapons after mission!

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humanity showing the universe that it's taking the moral high ground.

Get you alien prisoners here! two for a grand! that's right, two for a grand! great for autopsy footage and medical experimentation! cheapest in town! they've no human rights and the RSPCA 'aint on to us yet! two for a grand!

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Colonel Bluster: Have another brandy and let me show you my collection of alien heads from the war!

Major Angst: Why, that's the complete set!

Colonel Bluster: Even the Wraith. teleporting's not much use when everything gets blown up, what?

Major Angst: Quite an achievement, Sir.

Colonel Bluster: Good of you to say. I have to admit, a couple of them ran quite a bit around the 4ft of space in the containment cell, before I shot them.

Major Angst: um...

Colonel Bluster: Now, let me take you into the study. That's where I keep the heads of looters and people form social and ethnic groups I despise. Some of these were also unarmed and in captivity too.

Major Angst: ah...

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