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every time the same map. That sucks


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Hi Guys!

I just love this game...but with the time it became boring, because I am in this stadium in my game, that evry time if i shot a UFO, its always a carriar...and its aaaaaalways the same fucking map. This one farm map!!!I had download the map pack and install it...but there are anyway every time the same map with this stupid carrier...it becames boring.

sometime I have a terror atack or I engage a alienbase. But its also every time the same map at terroratack and every time the same map at alianbase. What can I do do? Meybe mappack is dont working in my game?

Is it possible to dowload other maps for alienbase, terroratack and this fucking carrier...I can not see it anymore..every second mission I have this stuped farm map. hate it!! It becames really boring

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please make 2 or 3 carrier maps ^^ The think is peaple make maps for small UFOS. but there are just 4-6 alians...so you will very fast win the map. We need more maps with big UFOs, because you have fight vr. 10-20 alians and it takes a lot of time...and if its always the same map it becames really boring and frustrated. And also othet maps for alianbase and terroratack...the maps for the small UFOs are not so importend.

Sorry for my bad english. Hope you understand me well. By the way, do anybody know when they will have final version from this game, and will be the game in german language?

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