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Brazilian Portuguese Translation Thread

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I don't really know what, when or how it is going to be done, but I am fairly certain I'll take this challenge in the nearest future. I mean, consider this a declaration of intentions for now, but I think it is needed.

To get going, I'd like to see if there's anyone else in these forums who are lusophones, because discussing language transalations tactics would be awesome before getting our hands dirty (with sweat and tendinitis, mostly).

Brazilian, Portuguese, Angolan, Mozambican, Timorian and all other lusophones must unite! Show up, guys.

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to contigo e não abro

When I was a nerdy kid I got my xcom apocalipse in portuguese

now, as a nerd adult, I would love to help translate xeno

just let me get used to it (and wait for the final release maybe)

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