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Can't see Units behind obstacles during groud combat

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Hello all, I will keep this short and to the point.

Usually when units take cover behind a building or a railway carriage, the surface of these obstacles becomes transparent so as to see where your units are. This also enables you to reselct them during the next turn and also enables you to aim at them to apply heals and such.

However, sometimes when my units hid behind cover such as building or railway carriage, the obstacle remains opaque. This stops me from seeing where exactly my units are, stops me selecting them and worst of all stops me from being able to target them. It is quite annoying when you are trying to heal a unit with another unit and the only thing you can target with the medpack is the giant building or railway carrige that is in the way.

I feel many of these problem could be fixed if obstacles that are within field of view become transparant as you mouse of them, as opposed to becoming transparent only when a unit is adjecent to it.

Thank you for your time,

and congratulations on making a game that has already stolen many hours of my life ;)

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