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Introduction thread!


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I expect many of you will already know each other from the pre-migration forums, but if you're a newbie who has made his way here then by all means please introduce yourself and let us know a bit about you.

I'll get the ball rolling - I'm Chris, the project lead for Xenonauts, and I'm based in London. I used to be an accountant, but I'm now working full time on Xenonauts. I started working on this game just over two years ago now when it was a labour of love, but I think by now it just counts as a labour...

Only joking, I'm actually quite enjoying this game development lark!

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Dun, dun, dun... another forum bites the dust!

Man, you're going through forums like Duke Nukem Forever went through engines!

Anyway, hi! I'm me.

I'm hailing from Bavaria and have been a gamer since computers were big, mysterious, and scary devices... with 8-bit CPUs.

Also been doing some bits of modding over the years and am an all around nice and humble guy.

Most of the time.


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I, for one, welcome our new Goldhawkinteractive forums.


Also, yes, agreed!

Here here!

Whoop whoop and all that.

I'm Jecrell. I've been on the internet since I was five years old, so about 20 years.

I'm currently translating a novel from Japanese to English and going to University.

Also, I have childhood nostalgia for Xcom, which I still have (although just one of the floppies).

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Forgot to introduce myself and all that
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Hello fellow Xenonautians ... Xenonautiates ... Xenonautish ... Xenonautese ... or simply Xenonauts :)

I post therefore I am ... I game therefore I am ... I am ...

I'm a kiwi living in Aus, a husband, a dad, another on the way, and so on and so forth ... oh ... I am also overly fond of ... ellipses ...

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Hello all! I am Todd from San Antonio, Texas, USA. I have been a gamer since the late '70's so I have been around a while and can relate to the time period for this game. I have been looking for quite a while for a game to do justice to the original X-com and this is the closest one I have seen by far. Also I want to say this has been the best forum in regards to civility that I have ever been a part of. It is quite refreshing to find one where people are not being so nasty to each other.

I wish you lots of luck in being successful with this game!

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Hi folks, I'm new here.

I was reading through the backlog of Rock, Paper Shotgun RSS feed the other day and came upon their write-up about Xenonauts at the recent expo. I'd seen mention of it here and there, but never got around to really checking it out and pre-ordering. That write-up got me really psyched for it, though, so I headed right over to pre-order.

That was on the 7th. :eek:

So until pre-orders get back on track, I guess I'm technically but a window shopper, peering in longingly at the pre-orderers club. :P

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the thread and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. Unfortunately I found this after the preorders were cut off, so I'm just checking things out for now.

In real life I'm working on my doctorate so I won't likely comment too much on the forum, but X-COM was my favorite game as a kid and I can't miss the opportunity to play this.

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Seeing as I never made a post in the introduction thread on the old forum I guess I should make one now ;)

Old time X-Com fan here, from Sweden and I spend WAY too much time in general playing games... I was also the person that made the reddit post that was a large part of messing up the previous website, sorry about that guys ;)

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