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possible and neccessary add on in the next build for me..

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hi guys,i play with the V18 and after some hs of playing and in memory of the old EC i have found some guess to expose..

1)possibility to recover and sell alien weapons/dead aliens?it might help the founding..

2)balance the founding..the my main problem is that..with the current money i barely build and keep a 2nd base..not to say the equipment for my soldiers..i fight the alien elite forces armed with plasma cannons and hvy plasma with a pair of lasers and a courple of jackals armour because all my moneys go in keep expenses,impossible to build veichles and some other things that make the game more deep and less frustrating..

3)in alien bases the enemy see me through walls and gates and fires dozens of hits everywhere..destroying everything even other aliens!!the alins never go down of ammo?i think is a bug..

4)absolutely needs missions to retake lost countries!i feel strange seeing a superpower like USSR or USA leave me alone only after 2 months..and the drop of founding is too fast..

5)make the reapers a little faster?it would be interesting and a bit scaring :)

6)more maps and randomness of them?and possible soviet weapons without modding the game?i have try a mod for soviet weapons and maps and the game crashes..i have to reinstalling a back up..

for the rest the game is good a bit of balance and is perfect..thanks the developers!

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1) you mean the bits that are "destroyed"? I think everything else is autosold or used in research.

2) ongoing in the experimental builds.

3) yeah, it's a pain, but will be addressed.

4) Hinted strongly at

5) possibly in with the balancing/ AI improvements but nothing specific I've seen.

6) lots of nice folks are adding to the map repository, as well as the dev ones.

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